How To Design An Invitation Using Online Invitation Maker?

Inviting people to your big day event calls for a lot of planning and is no less than an art in itself. After all, a lot depends on the invitation and it is a mark of your taste and warmth. Impressing your guests becomes easier when the foundation stone is laid by an innovative invitation card. Gone are the days when you had to physically visit designers and select your pick among thousands of cards and pay a hefty amount to get them printed. With online invitation maker apps readily available with a myriad of tools and templates, things have become really easy. You can now design your own invitation card at home using these simple tools and send e-invites to all your loved ones at once. That’s what millennials are doing these days to simplify invitation rituals and have customized cards. Another digital trend that is now catching the attention of the netizens is the idea of saving YouTube videos in MP3 file format.

Why should you opt for online invitation making?

If you are still in two minds about online invitation making, here is everything that should convince you to give it a try. There’s no way you won’t love the idea. Online invitations are gradually becoming very popular for all the right reasons.

Firstly, it’s an environment-friendly idea to save paper and choose e-invites for your loved ones.

Secondly, why would you choose to waste money on a card designer and invitation printing costs? Simply, get hold of any of the popular invitation making tools and create professional invitation cards in no time. Isn’t that a pocket-friendly way to impress people? Even if you believe these are costly then you can look for online coupons.

Lastly, instead of choosing pre-designed invitation cards where you have very less to say, you can create your own personalized invitation card using the colors, motifs, designs, patterns, messages as well as pictures of your choice. Most importantly, all these benefits come for free.

How to make online invitations?

Searching online for invitation makers will lead you to a variety of websites offering free apps and platforms to create your customized invitation cards. You can either create them online or download the apps and start the job. In case you are looking for video invitations, you can also achieve the same using any youtube video editor. Here are a few of the most popular invitation makers that you can find online.


This is a website dedicated to online invitation card making where users can make use of the variety of templates to create the best cards. There are several templates and themes to choose from according to events like birthdays and weddings. You will be spoilt for choice while going through the e-catalogs of designs that you can use for your special day. Right from vintage and ornate wedding cards to blissful baby shower cards, this one has everything sorted. Even your kids can have the liberty to choose the quirkiest birthday cards for themselves to invite their friends. This website also allows you to upload your own designs and customize them.

Greetings Island is another fabulous website that stocks card templates for all events possible in life. Whether it’s any of your personal celebrations such as wedding, engagement, anniversary, baby shower, birthdays or any professional celebration such as a promotion or achieving a milestone, Greetings Island has got everything covered. Just name an event and that is there. Even your kids can have a grand 1st birthday celebration or a lavish 5th birthday and send the cutest invites to his or her friends. Just select the event you want a card for and go through the list of templates. All of these are customizable, and you can thus put in your own messages, poems, greetings or even pictures to make the card look special. Use the tools to add in colors and graphics of your choice to design a professional card all by yourself at home.

SmileBox is an absolutely loveable online invitation maker that lets you create invitations that guests would fall in love with. An invitation has never been easier than this. SmileBox offers you a host of catchy templates from where you can pick up the one you like. Add texts, pictures, and other graphics to personalize your card. The best part of SmileBox invitations is that you can add catchy tunes to these e-invites to make them even more interesting for your guests. This is surely a greatly impressive touch. So just add the tune and share the invite with all your dear ones. You can also keep a record of who’s attending the event till the last moment with the RSVP feature.

Tips to keep in mind while making online invitations


Choose your color scheme based on the event you are designing the card for. Pink and yellow can be used for a child’s birthday celebration, especially if it is a girl. A boy can have baby blue and white shades for the card. Similarly, a royal wedding can have wine, maroon and purple as the prominent color schemes. Remember not to use too many colors at once.


Your e-invite should be readable without any effort. Choose a font that is stylish, elegant but is also legible when typed on a card. Also, choose the font according to the event. Any business invitation should have a classic, formal font. A wedding invitation must have an elegant, italicized font for a special touch while a kid’s birthday card should have quirky fonts for some added fun and child-like appeal.

Personalize your card

Since the design can be made easily without any cost, why not spice things up with personal touches? Add the pictures of the bride and the groom or take a snap from your pre-wedding shoot to include it in the card to make it even more glamorous. In fact, the background of the card can consist of a shot from your pre-wedding and have the invitation text as an overlay on it. You can also add personal messages for the person you are mailing the card to make the invitation even more warm and special.

What Makes an Excellent Online Invitation Maker?

The App for Invitation

An invitation design tool is an interface that you use to build your invitations. The term, invitation maker app, refers to a little more technical term than an invitation design tool. These kinds of tools can typically be located on the internet in today’s world; however, an invitation design app, software program, or any other kind of tool would be regarded as the same thing. Even on the internet, there is a wide variety of tools available for producing invitations, which means that you will need to make some choices about which ones are best for you.

Is It Paid or Free?

To put it another way, you need to figure out what it is that you want and how much money you are willing and able to spend on it. There are a lot of invitation makers that are free to use, but others are only available as paid add-ons to larger, more expensive packages. Some websites give you free access to their invitation builder, but they ask you to purchase to download the finished result. 

Have a clear idea of the result that you want. Be careful to adjust your financial plan so that it accounts for the cost of getting a printed invitation set that is complete and ready to deliver at the very end of the process. You will be required to either purchase these from the company or print them off on your own, both of which will result in monetary expenditure on your part. If, on the other hand, you are just searching for a template that you can use in an email, your budget can be smaller, and a free invitation template generator would be the best option for you to go with in this situation. 

Bear in mind that entirely free online tools tend to be more difficult to use and, in most cases, do not come with features such as customer assistance. There are a few exceptions to this rule, but in general, you should get familiar with the area before you start.

Template or Create from Scratch?

Some invitation creation software provides you with an existing design to work with, enabling you to choose your color palette, eliminate certain design aspects, and input your information on top of an existing design. The design tools offered by some websites are more general, and they can be utilized to produce original works of art from start. those that start you off with a template may offer fewer options for personalization, but those that let you make changes to almost anything right away are typically slower and more difficult to use.

Use the Invitation App Maker’s Print Services or Save to Print Your Own

Think about whether you want to print your invites on your own or have the invitation provider do it for you and decide accordingly. Some companies that manufacture invitations require you to print the final product through their company, while others let you download the final file and print it on your own at home. There is no need for concern on your behalf regarding this aspect of the process at all if you intend to just download the template and distribute it through email. If that is the case, all you need to do is make sure that downloading in the format that you require is an option. 

It is possible that printing your invitations on your own will require a significant expenditure of both time and money; however, it is possible that obtaining actual invitations from a less trustworthy company will be an even more unwise choice. If you don’t want to print the invitations yourself and you don’t want to wait months for delivery from a firm that won’t answer your emails, make sure that the invitation tool you use comes from a reliable organization. This will ensure that the printing process runs as easily as the design stage did.


Some online invitation producers simply let you edit the text that is displayed on the page; you cannot alter the design template itself, including its colors or the typeface that is used for the content. Before deciding on a design tool to employ, it is important to first consider the elements over which you wish to have control. You should keep in mind, however, that certain invitation design companies that offer higher quality services will, if you ask them, allow you to make adjustments that go beyond what is displayed on the invitation maker.

Is it User Friendly?

There are instances in which an invitation design tool is straightforward to operate. It is straightforward and quick to respond, and it just seems to make perfect sense. In other instances, you can come upon an invitation creator that is sluggish, has bugs, or is difficult to understand. If you see yourself on one of the latter ones, it is highly recommended that you hunt for an alternative website to use. There are plenty available that will not cause you to rip out in frustration.

Customer Support

Customer support teams are employed by the vast majority of premium invitation providers. These teams are responsible for answering queries, helping with any problems that may occur on-site, and generally ensuring that clients are satisfied. If you are dissatisfied with the appearance you want to attain or if you aren’t the best with computers, it might be a lifesaver to go for an online invitation builder that allows you access to assistance in creating your invitations.


Is this a design that you can modify and finish in a single sitting, or do you need some time to think about it before showing it to your loved ones or friends? While some online apps permit you to store your work and return to it at a later time, others demand that everything be completed in a single session. This is acceptable if it fits in with what it is that you desire and what you require.


Add some beautiful memories to your special events and days in life by adding personal touches to the invites. This makes them look as if they come straight from your heart.