How To Deal With A Cracked Tooth: Allowing It To Heal On Its Own

Contrary to what you may have heard, a cracked tooth will not heal by itself. Some people believe it will as bones are capable of healing. However, your teeth are not made of the same material as your bones. 

Fortunately, a cracked tooth can usually be dealt with and healed, but you will need the help of a dentist near me.

How Do You Get A Cracked Tooth

A cracked tooth simply means you have a crack in your tooth! Teeth have a central pulp, surrounded by dentin. Both of these materials are comparatively soft. Covering this is enamel, the hardest substance in the human body. Despite it being very tough, enamel does wear down over time, especially if you don’t look after your teeth properly. 

Once the enamel is weakened, it is relatively easy to crack a tooth. This can be a sudden and noticeable thing, such as when you bite a popcorn kernel. Or, if the enamel is sufficiently weakened, it may take very little to crack it. You may not even notice at the time. 

Having A Cracked Tooth

Once you have cracked your tooth you will notice that it is much more sensitive to hot and cold foods and drinks. It is also likely to be painful when you bite things. You may also notice swelling around the area. 

In short, you will be aware of it and need to have it looked at. The sooner you see the dentist the easier it will be to fix your cracked tooth.

Repairing A Cracked Tooth

Your dentist will look at the tooth and, if necessary x-ray it to establish the level of damage. If the crack is very fine and has not gone through the enamel your dentist will simply monitor it. It won’t need any other treatment. 

However, if the crack is deeper then the dentist will repair it. Small cracks are generally filled. The dentist will use the same composite that is used for fillings. This binds the tooth together and will be virtually unnoticeable. 

However, if you have a large crack the dentist may recommend a crown. This will seal the tooth and give it additional strength.

Don’t forget, if you don’t have a cracked tooth dealt with the crack is likely to get worse. It will also be a perfect place for bacteria to enter your tooth and destroy the inside of your tooth.

Alongside this, your tooth will be weakened and is likely to break into pieces when you least expect it. Both of these scenarios can lead to the loss of the tooth and root canal surgery, or possibly removal and the need for an implant. 

It is much easier and cheaper to see a dentist when the crack happens rather than waiting, dealing with the pain, and ultimately having to deal with a broken tooth.  If you haven’t booked a dental appointment yet, it is time you did.