How To Create Refreshing Bedroom Space For Your Kids

Creating a refreshing bedroom space for your kids can be challenging. Aside from making it look good, you need to make sure that their bedroom can change as they mature. You also have to consider their personal preferences and interests. The following tips can come in handy if you’re looking for ways to create a refreshing bedroom space for your kids:

1. Splurge On Foundation Pieces

There are items that are essential to your kids’ bedroom—a bed, closet, and storage boxes are just some of them. When creating a refreshing bedroom space for your kids, go ahead and splurge on foundation pieces. Take the time to look for high-quality pieces to ensure that your kids can use them for the longest time possible.

Here are some tips to help you out during this process:

  • Be smart about buying foundation pieces. If a holiday is coming, look for Labor Day mattress deals or furniture promos. Manufacturers will usually host a sale during big holidays, so it’s best to look at their websites and check at their physical stores before buying.
  • Ask for recommendations from your friends, especially from people who also have kids. They might provide information on where they purchased high-quality linens and closets for their kids. The more information you have, the easier it’ll be for you to decide which pieces are suitable for your budget.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask your kids what they want their bedrooms. One kid might be interested in painting while the other might have fun playing instruments. Consider their passions and make sure that each of your kids will have their own space in the bedroom.

Splurge On Foundation Pieces

2. Go Simple And Don’t Forget To Clear The Clutter

A kids’ bedroom will usually have limited space. Depending on the number of kids using the bedroom, this space is big enough to fit a couple of beds and one big closet. To ensure that all of your kids will be comfortable in their bedroom, go simple, and don’t forget to clear the clutter.

There are a lot of decorating tips available online, but before you do your research and become overwhelmed, it’s best if you stick to the basics. Think about what your kids will really need in a bedroom and focus on buying those pieces. You should also teach them how to clean up after themselves so they can enjoy a clutter-free bedroom all year long.

3. Add Lots Of Storage Options

Regardless of your kids’ ages, they will always need storage in their bedroom. They will need an area for their toys, school supplies, shoes, and sports equipment. If you don’t want all of these items to be mixed up and damaged, add a lot of storage options in your kids’ bedroom. You can do this by adding several floating shelves or storage bins. Just make sure that all of these are properly labeled so your kids can easily find these items the moment they need them.

4. Pick A Neutral Color And Accent It With Different Colors

Kids will always have different preferences. While your 4-year-old son might want to play with superheroes in his bedroom, your 7-year-old daughter would probably want to see shades of pink or purple in her bedroom. To create diversity in your kids’ bedroom without breaking the bank, paint the space in a neutral color palette, and accent it with bold and loud colors. For example, you can paint your kids’ bedroom in tan and then buy pieces in blue for your son and pink for your daughter.

This trick is probably one of the cheapest and easiest ways to create a refreshing bedroom for your kids. If the time comes and they have different preferences, you can simply buy items in this color rather than repainting the entire bedroom.

5. Create Zones Inside The Bedroom

Kids are energetic and will usually want to do a lot of things. If possible, they want to multitask—playing while studying, studying while watching TV—you get the idea. For your kids’ bedroom to be less chaotic, create zones. Even if your kids have a small bedroom, you can still create “zones” inside it.

A bookshelf and a desk can become the learning zone. A nightstand and bed can become their sleeping zone, and a rug near storage bins can be considered as their play zone. These zones provide value to each area of the room while putting every item in place.

Think Positive   

Regardless of the tips you want to follow in revamping your kids’ bedroom space, don’t forget to have fun. Never pressure yourself in making their bedroom look good; instead, use it as an avenue to bond and create fun memories with your kids!