How To Come Up With The Perfect Written Note For Any Occasion

Finding the right words to express yourself isn’t always easy. Sometimes, it can feel like you have way too much to say to fit into a small note while other times, you just draw a blank, no matter how hard you try. 

In a time where digital technology connects us with our loved ones and acquaintances more than ever, it’s understandable that you might struggle to come up with the perfect handwritten note. To make things easier for you, here are some helpful tips to help you write the perfect note for any occasion. 

Start by Writing Down What’s on Your Mind

Whether it’s a personal or professional note, don’t think too much about it at first. Think of the situation and what you should, or want to, say about it. Get a blank piece of paper or open an empty document and try to write down what’s on your mind. Think about what you want to express: do you feel happy about your newly-wed friends? Do you feel sorry for the loss of a family member? Do you want to write a letter, for personal or professional purposes? Do you want to express how much the presence of coles friends would mean for you on your special day? Just start with what you’d like to express and see where it goes from there. You can even just list it down in bullet points and move on to how you can express each point. 

Add a Personal Touch When Needed

Written notes are, usually, used to express personal feelings. You may be looking for a way to confess your love, express your gratitude, or share your happiness about the great news. When it’s something personal, it’s got to show in your note as well. Writing a dry note or merely copying a template will do little to make the other party grasp your feelings. Even in the case of professional notes, going with a hand-written note can sometimes be better than sending an email or a text message. 

Brainstorm Note Ideas

It’s understandable how, sometimes, you can be utterly lost for words to express your thoughts and emotions. You may not even have something, in particular, to write about, but you could be in a situation where writing a note is a common courtesy. In such cases, the experts at recommend that you look up different note ideas. By researching what other people write and do in similar situations, you’ll know where to start, and you can always add your personal touch later on. Whether you want to wish your lover a happy birthday, send a card to your boss for the holidays, or let your family know you are thinking of them and appreciate them despite the distance, you’ll find a lot of ideas if you take the time to brainstorm and do some research. 

Be Sincere

By now, you should have an idea of what you want to write, as well as how other people express themselves. These are great, but only as a starting point. The most important thing about a written note is to be sincere, and that’s be accomplished if you just copy what someone else had written. Take everything you’ve compiled up to this point, organize the words, and express in a way that feels sincere and authentic to you. 

Longer isn’t Necessarily Better

Although it may feel counterproductive, going for few yet concise sentences is often so much more effective than writing a page-long letter. In this busy world we’re living in, barely anyone has the time or energy to scan through lines and lines of words to try and decipher the message of the note. Meanwhile, a note that only consists of three sentences can do a much better job at delivering the message, expressing your feelings, and make all parties satisfied. 

Pay Attention to the Aesthetics

Pay Attention to the Aesthetics

The note you write is more than just the words included in it. You should do your best to convey your feelings in a way that would reach the recipient as soon as they get your note, and that makes the aesthetics of the note just as important as its content. If you’re writing a hand-written note, you’ll need to exert some effort in picking the card of doing-it-yourself in an artistic way. Business notes don’t usually need as much work as personal ones, but they should still be classy and elegant to portray professionalism. 

Whenever you find yourself in a situation where you have to write a note, it can feel like you’re back in school trying to finish your essay assignment. However, writing the perfect note doesn’t have to be that difficult. You just have to jot down your thoughts and feelings and look for the best way to express them.