How to Clean a Rug Without Calling the Pros

I know what is wandering in your mind. “It’s not even possible to clean a rug without calling the pros.” Well, I will defer with you here. If you follow the upcoming steps suggested by Glimmr Edinburgh, cleaning even the dirtiest rug in your home will be smooth, like cutting through soft butter.

Or I should say, walking on the cleanest rug without hurting your feet.

Get off the Loose Dirt

Loose dirt is the most irritating and difficult-to-deal-with parts of the rug cleaning process. So you need to handle them first. Vacuum the rug to get rid of anything loose and anything bigger. It will smoothen the rest of the steps for an ultimate makeover.

Run a Spot Inspection

How big are the stains and spots on the rug? You should have this query in mind while inspecting the rug surface. No wonder a coffee and pasta sauce will require different attention and cleaning attempts.

Locate the areas where the spots and dirt are heavier. It is always better to start the next step in those problematic areas.

Scrub them Off

Most of the food stains are caked-up on the rug. So you can easily loosen them with a soft cloth or a soft bristle brush. Create a lather using any regular carpet cleaner to get rid of the dried stains. Scrub a few more times if necessary.

Pick the Right Carpet Cleaner/s

It is the most essential part of the rug cleaning process. The right cleaner will give you back the same old rug that you bought from the supermarket. Otherwise, you will end up with dull and grim shades on it.

Delicate rugs need softer cleaners. Even dish soaps will work for them. But in the case of woven ones, you may need to get a commercial cleaner. I have a jute rug in my living room, and I prefer the baking soda-water duo for it.

Rinse the Rug with Water

After you apply the cleaner on the rug and make lather, the cleaning starts immediately. The waiting time may vary depending on the cleaner combo, but 20 to 30-minutes is a good ballpark.

Now rinse the rug with water to get rid of the excess cleaners. It is better to complete this step outside. It will give you more space to work on every inch of the rug. You can use warm water to have an instant cleaning to remove any quick splash on the rug. It will also prevent any discoloration.

Let there be Dryness Prevail

Now you have to wait. Let the rug dry up, and you will be surprised to see the transformation. If you know the rug material and which cleaner is appropriate for it, the outcome will be simply stunning. If you do not want to have any musty smell, keep the rug outside and let the sun do the rest.

Finish with Vacuum

Wrap up the entire process with a throughout vacuum over the rug. It will suck up any loose dirt that may still be there after scrubbing. This will work as the final polish on the surface to make your rug new.

I am sure you are now an expert on cleaning a rug without calling the pros. Because you are a pro now!