How to choose the Best Portable Washing Machines

As a homeowner, especially those with young kids are the ones, who usually have more dirty clothes to wash because their children may play with dirt and we cannot also prevent them from staining their clothes when eating. While adults are always careful not to stain their outfits, so they need to keep their eyes on the way. However, every house has its own washing machine to use, but to ensure that the clothes will be washed well without leaving stains, you should have chosen the best portable washing machine available in the market.

Basically, you can say that choosing is easy because you will just need to pick one from the showroom, but that is not the case, since you have a lot of options and that will surely bring confusion to you as a consumer. Most of you might just be basing on the manufacturer, models, color, design and size of the portable washing machine. You should keep in mind that these might just be the basic factors that you have to consider, but there are other factors behind these that you have to look into, so that you can come up with a better choice.

Anyway, a portable washing machine is a very important part of a homeowner’s life because it is something that completes the daily routines at home. Without this portable washing machine, then you will have to wash on your hands, which would be tough for stained clothes and will surely consume too much of your time. Now, if you would really want to have cleaner and fragrant clothes, then you need to make sure that you will be able to choose the best portable washing machines in the market by considering the most important factors before making a purchase.

Size and Space

Obviously, the very first thing that you have to consider is the size and shape of the portable washing machine. This means that you need to check your space at home before purchasing one, to avoid bringing home a washing machine that will not even fit at home. 

What you should do first, is to measure the spot, where you are planning to locate this electric appliance. If you cannot accurately measure it, then you better ask help because this has to be precise for best fitting. After taking the measurement, you may now narrow down your options because you should only pick, according to the measurement.

It would be great, if you can easily select the small ones, since you can easily find a spot for this, but you may have an issue with the durability as well as the power and capacity of the machine.

Pulsator Washer

If possible, choose the ones with pulsator because this will be very helpful in keeping the fabric from damages. We all wanted to wash our clothes gently to avoid wear and tear issues, right? Now, since this is a machine, this issue can be prevented through a pulsator. 

Remember that we all want to keep the color naturally and this will be achieved through a pulsator. Therefore, choose something that is designed with this, if you would like to maintain the good condition of the fabric.


You have to make sure that the cleanliness of the clothes will be achieved after washing. I guess, you will be able to meet this by checking the mechanics of the machine. Make sure that you can get instructions on how you can keep the machine clean and this will be provided in the manual. Better look for the manual and go over it, to know, if this is clear and possible.

It will be a waste of time, effort and energy to use a washing machine that cannot even guarantee the cleanliness of the clothes. We are choosing this to help us homeowners with our household chores, so make sure that it has the right features.

Types of Washer

One of the options, is the top-load washing machine that is designed with a central agitator system, which will be very helpful, since it aims at saving energy. However, this is an old style and requires more water in loading up. Aside from that, this agitator may also cause a damage on your clothes and needs more space as well. But if you can choose the latest models of this type, which are built with a pulsator, then it will be more efficient to use.

Another option is the front load portable washing machines. In fact, this is an opposite of the other type. Actually, this will need fewer water and consumes less energy as well. When it comes to cleanliness, there is actually no doubt about it. You can wash more clothes here, even with a single spin because it has more space and the speed is higher, too. However, this type is more expensive, but more effective as well.