How to Choose the Best Engraving Tools for a Craft Project?

Cricut machines are famous worldwide for the different projects you can easily accomplish using them. Cricut Maker is a smart tool that allows you to undertake fun engraving projects and excel in them.

Cricut Blades at make for excellent engraving tools when it comes to craft projects. Using these blades, you can create simple to intricate designs on various materials.

The engraving tool has a sharp metal tip. With pressure, the metal tip cuts the material used as per the design. The continuous action helps create personalised text or any other unique design on several materials like thin metals, paper, matte board, basswood, plastic, etc.

How to Choose the Best Engraving Tools for a Craft Project?

Consider the below factors when picking engraving tools for your personalised project.

The Material You Want to Engrave On

Decide what materials you would like to engrave on. Typically Cricut blades that are designed for engraving using the Cricut Maker are compatible with materials such as paper, soft metals, leather, plastic, and acrylic.

You need to find out if the engraving tool you have decided to purchase will work with the material you have in mind. In case of incompatibility, the engraving tool may get damaged.

Also, know that the engraving tips need to be compatible with the type of machine you are using. For example, a Cricut engraving tip works with Cricut Maker machines only.

Know What is QuickSwap Housing

The QuickSwap housing is the mechanism through which you can quickly change the engraving tooltip by simply pushing a button. The advantage of buying a QuickSwap housing is that you can utilise multiple engraving tooltips and create unique designs with a single housing.

For example, with QuickSwap housing, apart from the engraving tip, you can also use the debossing tip, single and double scoring wheels, perforation blade, and wavy blades.

You could make some savings by buying a single housing and multiple blades, which you can use interchangeably instead of purchasing every blade and housing separately.


Decide on the budget beforehand. You could start by buying an engraving tip with a QuickSwap mechanism which you can later utilise by adding different tips to your craft supplies. As mentioned above, look for blades and a housing combo.

Cleaning Process

The engraving process does generate debris, and the amount depends on the material you are using. Cleaning the engraving tool should be quick and easy. Accumulated debris could harm your engraving tool and also not produce accurate design results.

The engraving tip and the Cricut Maker can be cleaned using a soft cloth or compressed air. A tip would be used to clean the debris away from the machine and not into the machine. You do not want any metal particles to be stuck in your device.

Create Personalised Designs with Engraving

By purchasing Cricut blades at, you can create various personalised text items, add flourishes and embellishments, and intricate designs. A pro tip would be to use Cricut aluminium sheets for engraving as the silver beneath when engraved, creates a beautiful effect. The engraving tip is sharp; exercise caution while handling it. Do consider the tips mentioned above when purchasing engraving tools for your next craft project.