How to choose the best Bed for growing kids

The  dream of every parent is to have a happy home filled with fun and laughter from their kids. To make your kids happy, you need to make them comfortable at home. You can show them love by buying them beautiful clothes, good toys, and most importantly, they need the perfect bed too.

Are you confused on the best bed to buy for your growing kid or that of friends? A Montessori bed is the best available option.

What qualities should a child’s bed have?

Interested in knowing the qualities a child’s bed should have? Find below qualities that are perfect for their little sleepyheads.

  • A child’s bed should be stylish. Do not make use of awkward designs.
  • Your kid’s bed should be comfortable
  • It should be creative enough. Get a bed that fascinates your kid.
  • Your toddler can have a bed that is in sync with his favorite character. For example, you can have your spy kid’s bed modelled with a James Bond theme.
  • It should be durable. Growing kids have tons of energy to spare. Their bed should be able to withstand their unending bouts of energetic display.
  • A child’s bed should be safe. There should be free substances that can hurt them.
  • Your kid’s bed should be devoid of very sharp edges.

Types of bed you can buy for growing kids

The best bed for your growing kids is a Montessori bed. Other beds you can buy include: a wooden tree house bed, a cot bed, a four poster bed, a wooden bunk bed, etc.

How to choose the best bed for growing kids

  1. Make sure you select a bed with the right size for your child. Choosing the right size is dependent on your child’s age and size.
  2. Set a budget and try to go for a bed that does not exceed your budget greatly.
  3. Get a quality and firm bed for your growing kids. You would not want your child falling due to a loosely screwed knot.
  4. Make buying a durable bed a necessity. The ability of a bed to last long is part of what constitutes a good bed.
  5. It is important to put into consideration the qualities mentioned above when choosing a bed for growing kids.

Montessori bed: the best fit for growing kids

A Montessori bed is one without railings around it that hinders movement. It maintains a very close proximity with the floor which makes it easy for a child to get in and out of the bed whenever he/she desires. A child from two months and above is fit to use a Montessori bed. Are you worried about your kids safety, their happiness and comfort? Get them a Montessori bed. With a Montessori bed, your kids safety, fun, independence and comfort is guaranteed.

Reasons your kids should sleep on a Montessori bed

  • A Montessori bed promotes a healthy sleep pattern.
  • It is relatively cheaper than other beds.
  • It is a comfortable fixture for your kid(s)
  • It inadvertently teaches self-discipline to growing kids
  • Your kid is presented with the opportunity of exploring their independence with a Montessori bed. It encourages them to move around often.
  • With a Montessori bed, your kid’s safety is guaranteed. It is placed on the floor which makes it impossible for your child to have a hard fall.

Get your kid(s) a Montessori bed today.

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