How to choose a wedge pillow


Wedge pillows remains handy to those suffering from spinal, leg, or common sleep discomforts. They are essential, as long as you carefully use them. They might do wonders in improving your sleep apnea, snoring, acid reflux, leg pain, or back/neck/should pain. Besides, they can offer you excellent support while web surfing on the bed.

Yes, they are useful in elevating symptoms and pressure of various medical challenges. However, getting the best wedge pillow for side sleepers can be a bit tricky, mostly when you know nothing about them. Therefore, this article should equip you with necessary information make the right decision. 

Who should use wedge pillows

As I have explained above, anyone wishing to alleviate symptoms and pressure of various medical conditions can rely of such a pillow. One can use a wedge pillow for alleviating shoulders, head, feet, knees, legs, or back for an excellent spinal alignment. 

The type and size of the pillow will probably vary based on the medical condition you intent to treat. Below are some of the primary conditions that require the help of a wedge pillow:

Back sleepers: Many back sleepers prefer using a low-medium incline, supportive enough. Such options don’t comprise with the support angle of your neck, head, and shoulders. However, a few back sleepers tend to use higher wedge pillows, especially those with complex breathing problems. 

Consult your doctor even if you experience sinus congestion.

Snorers: Slightly alleviating the shoulder and head can relieve chronic snorers. Besides, anyone with medical complication like Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) and Central Sleep Apnea (CSA) can benefit from this type of pillow. 

Consult your doctor concerning the right height and wedge type to use. 

People with shoulder, neck, or back pain: When buying a pillow, you need to know that unsupportive ones may fail to protect these body parts. You will start experiencing alignment and pressure point issues down the spinal column. 

Therefore, a wedge people remain essential in elevating these pressures to support spinal alignment. Thus, the pain will be minimized while you sleep or rest. More so, the pillow is in good position to alleviate stiffness around the shoulders, back, and neck.

People suffering from heartburn: This is another category of people that can use wedge pillows for comfortable sleep. We refer to such people to as, GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux disease). It simply means the stomach contents flow back into the esophagus.  

Wedge pillow can alleviate their shoulders and neck to prevent such back-flows from occurring. But, if the GRED problem is persistent, I would advise you to consult with your doctor.

Pregnant women: Another group of people that can rely on a wedge people are the expectant mothers. These people needs relief from abdominal and back pains. However, you should use a wedge pillow that is specifically manufactured for that job.

People with blood circulation issues: Using a wedge pillow under the knees, lowe legs, or feet areas may aid in improving or alleviating impaired circulation challenges. So, if you have lymphatic or vascular problems, supportive wedges are perfect for you. 

After knowing your category; believe me, choosing the right wedge pillow is not a big deal.

Wedge pillow weights and sizes

Expect to meet wedge pillows with varying lengths, heights and widths in the market. But, many of them are 20-inch square to offer enough support to your back, shoulders, and neck areas. This means that the size of the pillow can be determined by the person who’s going to use it.

So, if you’re a larger fellow or have larger feet and legs, you need wedge pillow larger dimensions. More so, the size of your bed plays a vital role in determine what is the right size wedge pillow to bag home.

For this reason, smaller wedges may be perfect for Full or Twin size beds. On the other hand, larger wedge pillows remain suitable for King and Queen Size beds. Obviously, a pillow with extended sizes pose an increment in its weight. Smaller models tend to be a bit lightweight, weighing about 3lbs while bigger ones weighing around 10lbs. 

Considerations when buying a wedge pillow

After knowing who should use a wedge pillow, it’s now time to explore more about how to make the right decision. Due to multiple options out there, one can get confused and end purchasing an unsuitable wedge pillow. Below are some of the common parameters that you should rely on them when buying the best wedge pillow.

Pillow size

The size of the pillow should be enough to fit your head, shoulder areas, and neck appropriately. Besides, the wedge pillow should be able to comfortably support your feet and legs for better circulation. 

Wedge pillows typically range in size from 20 to 24 inches in length and width, with different heights that affect the incline angle. A wedge pillow’s dimensions and form keep users elevated all through the night.

Doctor consultation

Seek permission from your doctor before using a wedge pillow. The above sections clearly talks about who should use a wedge pillow. You never know maybe alleviating you head can be the solution to reflux issues. So you must talk to your doctor about your health condition, and suggest for a wedge pillow; wait for his/her final suggestions.

Incline height

This is another factor that tries to determine whether the incline is too low or high to effectively support your condition. The slope end should be comfortable based on your diagnosed health condition.

The majority of wedge pillows are 6 to 12 inches tall, or 30 to 45 degrees. Those who utilize a wedge pillow under their knees and legs while they sleep frequently prefer a lower incline. Sleepers who suffer from sleep apnea or acid reflux frequently use mid-level inclines. Customers who intend to use the pillow to sit upright in bed may benefit from a higher slope.


Check the wedge pillow and see whether it has a cover or you will have to buy it separately. Those with covers are the best as you don’t have to undergo hassles of searching for a suitable covering for a naked pillow. 


Here is another significant factor that determines whether the wedge should be portable of not. Is the pillow too bulky or heavy for maneuverability?

The kind and density of foam used to make a wedge pillow determine its weight. While heavier pillows are more likely to remain in place on the bed, lighter pillows are simpler to move or modify as needed.


The kind and density of foam used to make a wedge pillow determine its weight. While heavier pillows are more likely to remain in place on the bed, lighter pillows are simpler to move or modify as needed.

Pressure Relief

Wedge pillows are frequently used to relieve pressure on various body parts. Memory foam, which is renowned for conforming to the shape of the body for excellent pressure relief, can be used to make these pillows. The amount of pressure alleviation that sleepers experience might also depend on where the wedge pillow is placed. When used underneath the upper body, a wedge pillow can ease pressure on the neck and shoulders, while one placed beneath the knees can relieve pressure on the lower back.

Temperature Regulation

Customers who frequently sleep overheated can seek for a wedge pillow that helps control temperature. Although certain wedge pillows take steps to counteract this inclination, foam has a tendency to retain heat. This could involve a permeable cover that improves airflow and wicks heat and moisture away from the body or foam that has been infused with gel to draw heat away from the body.

Quality Materials

The durability of the pillow is influenced by the quality of the materials utilized. The wedge pillow will keep its shape if you choose one made of high-quality materials if you intend to use it every night. With repeated use, low-density foam is more likely to deteriorate or sag.


A premium wedge pillow should cost between $50 and $100, according to customers. Although price is not the only indicator of quality, it can show that the cushion is built of long-lasting materials if it costs more.


What size wedge pillow is the best?

A 7-inch wedge pillow is the best with a suitable height for maximum support. However, the size varies based on how large is your feet, legs and shoulders.

Is using an incline advisable for me?

Yes, there are a lot of benefits that you get from alleviated sleeping. Improves circulation, reduces acid reflux, etc. 

How to clean a wedge pillow?

The manufacturer’s instructions should always be followed while cleaning a wedge pillow. A removable cover that may be hand washed, machine washed, or professionally cleaned is a common feature of wedge pillows. The internal foam pillow should only be carefully spot cleaned as needed because foam shouldn’t be sopped in water or washed because this could harm it.

How long do wedge pillows last?

Wedge pillows typically last up to three years, like most pillows do. Yet, a wedge pillow’s durability is influenced by the density, quality, and frequency of use of the foam. Some wedge pillows include warranties that cover manufacturing and material flaws, which can also indicate how long the manufacturer anticipates the cushion will survive.

Are wedge pillows adjustable?

Some wedge pillows have adjustable wedges. A foldable design or several parts are typical features of an adjustable wedge pillow, allowing users to stack the portions for a higher or lower incline. Although less prevalent, this kind of wedge pillow is still accessible.

Wrap it up!

Wedge pillows can help those fellows with a variety of health complications like sleep apnea, pregnant women, back sleepers, etc. They are great in minimizing acid reflux symptoms, or chronic pain. However, if the sleeping problem persists, go see your doctor; a wedge pillow may not treat a chronic problem.