How To Choose a Dog Crate For Large Dog Breeds

Owning a dog involves getting everything your dog needs such as a dog crate. Sure, food and dog dishes matter, but you also need to get a crate, so you have a safe place to put your dog at times. It can also function as a bed for your dog, so you should do some research and find an ideal dog crate if you plan to have a large dog breed in your home.

Do Some Research About Your Dog

First, you should do some research on your dog to figure out the ideal dog crate for him or her. For example, you may have a wider dog or one with a taller build, so you need to keep these points in mind as you look at dog crates. You can then compare the ones available to see if you can find a crate for your dog.

On top of that, you need to find out how big your dog’s breed gets if you have a puppy. Some dogs may start small, but they will grow and become too large for smaller dog crates, so pick the best one for your dog. After all, you don’t want an uncomfortable dog if he or she outgrows the crate, so find the best one ahead of time.

Check the Dog Crate Measurements

Once you know how big your dog will become, you can figure out the best size for him or her. This means you should check the measurements of the dog crate, so you can see which one your dog will fit in. This will include looking into the length, width and height to find the ideal crate for your dog.

However, you shouldn’t pick a crate your dog barely fits in. If you do this, he or she may not feel comfortable in it for long periods of time, so you should get a bigger size crate when possible. This includes picking one your dog can stand inside of without bending his or her neck down.

See If There’s Recommended Crates for Specific Breeds

Depending on the breed you own, you may get recommendations for crates. For example, if you own a German Shepherd, you may get different recommendations for dog crates than if you owned a Great Dane. With that in mind, you could see if the dog crates you come across online recommend different sizes for specific breeds.

With that in mind, different products may have multiple sizes designed for bigger or smaller dogs, so you can look into those details. While some may give you the dimensions for you to decide which you want, some product pages may use other breeds as examples to help you identify the best crate for your dog.

Check the Reviews

While you should consider what the product descriptions say, you should also review what other users think. Most websites will include reviews for people to share their opinions, so make sure you go through that section. Even if you don’t see a section for reviews on the product page, you can check other websites for reviews.

By looking at reviews about dog crates, you can find out how others feel about the options avialable. On top of that, many of them will mention their dog breeds, so you can find out if the crate would be a good pick for your dog. By looking at reviews, you can get opinions from people who actually bought and used thew crates, so you can make a decision.

Ask Other Dog Owners

While online reviews can help you find a dog crate, you can also ask other dog owners in your area. Many people have dogs, so you will most likely find a dog owner with a similar breed size in your area, so you should ask around. If you meet someone with a dog similar to yours, start up a conversation and mention how you’re looking for a dog crate.

From there, you can ask which dog crates the owner recommends. If possible, you should ask someone you already know, so you can make things easier when you want to find a crate. Either way, it never hurts to ask someone about dog crates, so you can find out which ones they recommend.

See the Crate In-Person

If possible, you should see if you can look at the crate in-person to make sure to find one your dog will fit in. For example, if you want to get the same crate as a friend, you can ask him or her to show you the crate. That way, you can see what it looks like while comparing the dimensions online to see what you can expect from other crates.

You can also look at some crates at a pet store to get an idea of what sizes you should purchase. Seeing the crates in-person helps you understand the dimensions and if the crate will be a good choice for your dog. If you can’t see them in-person, find an object with similar dimensions and compare the two, so you can see for yourself what the size looks like.

Bring Your Dog

If you can check the crate in-person, you should bring your dog with you if possible. By bringing your dog to the crate, you can get a better visual comparison to see if your dog will fit in one of a similar size. You can also see if your dog can stand in the crate to feel more comfortable when he or she wants to stand up.

If possible, you should see if you can let your dog go into the crate to get a better idea of its size. While your dog can stand next to it to help you visualize the size, you won’t know if your dog fits until you get him or her in the crate. However, you shouldn’t force your dog into the crate since you don’t want to hurt your furry friend or break the crate in any way.

Consider Space to Move

If you plan to have your dog in the crate at times, you need to get enough space for your dog to move in it. This means the crate should be long enough for your dog to lie down, but it should also be wide enough for your dog to move around. This doesn’t mean the crate needs to be a square, but your dog should be able to turn around without too much restriction.

For example, if your dog gets uncomfortable in the crate, he or she may stand up to turn around and adjust. You should also do your best to find a taller crate, so your dog won’t hit his or her head on the top of it. After all, your dog deserves enough space to move around and feel comfortable when he or she must be in the crate.

As you do some research, you can find a dog crate large enough for a big dog breed. Make sure you go through these points to figure out which crate will work for your dog. You should do your research and identify the best dog crate, so you can make your dog comfortable and happy.