How to Calm a Nervous Dog Before Going to the Groomer

Bangalore leads all the other cities in India when it comes to pet ownership. According to a recent survey published by Bangalore Times, the capital of Karnataka has the most number of pet stores and animal rights fighters in the country.

Pet cab services in Bangalore are also more convenient compared to other areas. It is the reason why you can easily take your precious furry friend to the groomer for a much-needed pampering and style upgrade. But before you take your dogs to any grooming station, make sure to read this post till the end.

Symptoms of Grooming Anxiety

As a caretaker, you are responsible for caring for your dogs and ensuring their comfort. This also applies to grooming sessions which can be a traumatic experience for your pets. In fact, unaddressed grooming anxiety can lead to an increased risk of behavioral issues that can turn the grooming session dangerous for both, the pet and the groomer.

An anxious canine can instinctually scratch or bite the groomer or may try to escape the situation in the middle of nail clipping or hair trimming. A sudden movement in similar scenarios can result in severe injuries. To prevent such issues, it is significant to recognize if your dog has grooming anxiety. Here are a few symptoms they may experience:

  • Whining
  • Panting 
  • Shaking
  • Rapid breathing 
  • Hiding
  • Vomiting 
  • Diarrhea 
  • Aggressive behavior 

If your dog normally feels anxious before embarking on a trip to the groomer, here are some things that you must do to keep him calm and composed.

Tip #1: Get Your Dog Used To A Calming Bath

Ideally, dog groomers will bathe your four-legged friend during your appointment with their dog salon. You may help decrease the dog’s anxiety about baths by regularly recreating the professional experience at home. It will help your pet get used to all the sensations of being bathed.

You may use gradual steps to help the dog lose its fear of the water. You should also do a regular brushing regimen to let them feel comfortable with the process. It is also best to let them feel what it is like to get their nails trimmed, then give them a reward to let them feel more comfortable. You could do this in between your scheduled trip to the groomer.

Tip #2: Pamper Them With A Massage

Everyone benefits from a massage, even your dogs. It will especially work best for dogs who feel nervous and anxious if they are about to undergo a very stressful situation.

Aside from its calming effect, massages can provide plenty of benefits for dogs. It reduces their pain if there are parts of their body that are sore due to excessive running or playing. It may also help improve their lymphatic flow. By massaging them before the trip, you will reduce their anxiety significantly.

Tip #3: Make Them Enjoy Car Rides

Do you always encounter problems each time you try to take your dog on a road trip? It could be a hassle, especially if your preferred groomer is a few minutes away from your place by car.

It would be best to gradually make your dog enjoy riding cars. You may choose to take their security blanket during a trip to acclimatize them. You must also book a reliable pet transport service in Bangalore that knows what to do during these situations. The skilled drivers will help you make the trip more bearable.

Tip #4: Make Your Dog Do A Calming Exercise

It is easier to take anxious dogs to the groomer if they are asleep. The best way to make them feel sleepy is to give them a lot of exercises. You may take your dogs on long walks, strenuous training sessions, and long and enjoyable playtime.

It will keep your dog happy, healthy, and motivated. Once their energies are well-spent, they will feel tired and sleepy. So you must consider adding several exercises to your routine before your trip to the groomer.

Tip #5: Use Calming/Aromatherapy Tools

Aside from exercises, you may choose a more holistic and organic approach to keep your dogs calm before your scheduled grooming activity. You may use the aromatherapy method to make them feel sleepy and relaxed before hailing a pet cab service.

It will also help if you ask your groomer to use pet shampoos and conditioners with calming scents. It may include essential oils with lavender, bergamot, and chamomile. These seats are known to promote peaceful sleep and get rid of anxiousness and tense feeling.

Tip #6: Invest In Special Calming Equipment For Dogs

Anxious dogs before going to a grooming session are very common. It is why some companies produce special grooming supplies made to keep the dog calm while being groomed.

Some of the most common tools to keep the dog calm include a silent fur trimmer that aims to reduce abrasion that can hurt the skin of a tense dog. You may also get headgear covering the dog’s ear to help them avoid the loud sounds of the trimmer and the blow dryer.

Bonus Tip: Find A Good Groomer

It will help if your dog feels at ease with the person who will take care of them during the grooming session. The professional grooming service provider must showcase genuine concern for your pet, so your dog will immediately pick up the vibe and make them feel relaxed while being groomed.

Caution And Considerations 

dog getting his hair trimmed image

  • If your dog is showing severe anxiety symptoms, then you can talk to your veterinarian about light sedatives or calming aids to calm them.
  • Focus on behavior-based training. It may require patience, commitment, and time but it will help you and your pet in the long run.
  • Make sure your dog is calm before starting the session because aggression at this stage can be dangerous.
  • Tasty treats always work for dogs. Bribing them with small bits of food to stay distracted, motivated, and focused can work well while grooming.
  • A good groomer must also let your dog feel special, which will make your best furry friend look forward to every trip to the grooming salon more convenient and fuss-free.


Your dog can be anxious before a grooming session for several reasons. However, it is possible to make this experience fun and rewarding rather than scary by following the above-mentioned tips. Make sure to spend extra time with your pet and prepare him mentally by showing him the tools used for grooming. If nothing works, mild sedatives can also be an option but consult a professional beforehand.