How to be a good mum

Most ladies often have a second thought before they decide to become mothers. The major reason is that they do not feel that they will be good enough. It’s not only ladies who want to be mothers that are having self-doubt. Even ladies with a couple of kids still ask themselves if they are good mothers. In the mothers’ nature, it is to worry about their kids and get the best. And when they go astray, the parent will always ask themselves where they went wrong. You do not have to be perfect to be a good mother. The basic definition of a good mother does her ultimate best for her kids. As a perfect mom, you may also have a wish to help your kid with writing a paper but you can ask us writers for a help at any time. Here are ways you can gauge if you are a good mother.

Release the inner critic

A good mother will know when to let go of her inner critic. It is not a good idea to compare yourself with other parents. We are not all the same, and we react and deal with stuff differently. Comparing yourself with another parent is like comparing their best with your worst. You are not fair to yourself.

Your best is good enough

No matter how much we apply ourselves and do our best, we will never feel good enough. As a mum, you need to take a step back and imagine how your kid sees you. You may be criticizing yourself, and in their eyes, you are their hero. Strive to create lasting memories that they will cherish forever.

Take care of yourself

If you do not take care of yourself, you will not fully handle your kids. Ensure that you stay healthy for you to have the energy and the capacity to bring up your kids properly. Some mothers often feel unloved and stressed when they work too much without taking breaks. Then you will not have sufficient love to pass on to your kids.

Less is more

When you are dealing with kids, you do not need to be sophisticated. The simple thing you do will mean much more than expensive gifts. A child has divided attention, but the small act will stick in their mind for a long time. So, as a mum, capitalize on the small things you can offer, and you will have an incredible journey with them.

Communicate more

A good mum will always have an effective system of communication with her kids. When you communicate with your children, you will get to know them deeply and understand their struggles and the exciting moments of their lives. As you talk, they understand you also, and with time, you will realize that you are very close to your kids. Some would term their parents as their best friends.

Handle your kids individually

It is essential for every child to feel important. An excellent way to ensure that they feel so is by spending time with each individual.

Essential Qualities of a Good Mom

Becoming a good mother does not come naturally to everyone. Chances are that as your children grow older, you will grow into a good mom, but achieving that does not come without trials and tribulations. To be a good mom, it is essential that you have certain qualities and that you practice them with your children. Here are some important qualities that every good mom has. 


When teaching your children about the world they are growing into, it is essential that you are honest and never deceive them. Suppose they ask a question that is perhaps not age-appropriate. In that case, you should explain to them in a manner they will understand or give an explanation as to why you cannot answer them. Being honest with your children helps create a stronger bond because they know they can trust you. Additionally, being honest yourself will make a standard for your children, and they will follow in your footsteps.

Serves as a Good Role Model

Although a good mum and a good role model are subjective titles, it is universally agreed that a good role model has positive character traits that will help a child adopt healthy and positive habits. When trying to be a good role model for your children, think of the kind of person you want your children to be and embody that person. 


Being patient is vital with children because they do not know how to express themselves clearly, which may result in tantrums. Everyone loses their patience, but a good mum will try to take some time to regain a calm attitude when she does and reorient herself so that she can address the situation at hand in an appropriate manner. Patience might come naturally to some, while others may have to work towards it. 

Good Communication

In any kind of relationship, having good communication is vital. If you want to have a good connection with your children, you must communicate with them daily and use phrases that open up a communication channel. You should talk to them daily and listen to their responses. When you pay attention to what your child is talking about, you can understand them deeply and form a lifelong connection. 


Being a mum is not an easy job. It requires a lot of sacrifices, dedication, and hard work. So it is normal for one to feel inadequate sometimes. However, there are moments we feel we are not doing well, but in the real sense, we are moving mountains in our kids’ eyes. With the above tip, being a good mum becomes very easy.