How to balance being a mom and earning a living during the pandemic

Being a mom is hard, especially during the covid-19 pandemic where kids are home from school and need to be homeschooled. This has led to many mothers and fathers rearranging their affairs and work life as a way to accommodate for the changes. Some are even laid off from work completely.

If you are in a tight spot money wise, it might be time to take some action yourself and start earning some money from home. The pandemic has made working from home more accessible, so it is possible for you to balance both a job and taking care of your kids. Here are three things you can consider.

Start a small business

If you have an entrepreneur hidden inside you, this would be the perfect time to get started on your own small business. The content of your business can be anything from hobbies such as drawing or knitting that could be personalized, or it can be on a wider scale with a regular web shop.

If you have any specific interests, it’s worth researching the market to figure out if there is a business opportunity in your existing hobby or interest. You can even get help finding the perfect name at where you just need to type in a couple keywords and pick your favorite one. When you’ve found the perfect name, just get going and make your business dream come true.

Participate in surveys

If you don’t have much time on your hands, there are smaller things you can consider doing when you have a little spare time. Participating in surveys is a great way of earning either a little cash or gift certificates for places you shop already. Surveys tend to not be the best paid thing to do, but if you are just scrolling on your phone anyway it wouldn’t hurt to answer a few questions to earn a little extra to treat yourself with.

In this category we can also mention participating in market research. This is offered by companies that need users to test out certain products and give reviews of them. Usually, you can either keep the products or get a little cash for the review. There are many more things to do that can earn you money from home depending on your available time, you can find a few more tips right here to help you along in your search.

Find a job where you can work from home

A small win from the pandemic is that more and more companies offer positions that are entirely remote. This Includes many desk jobs, but also jobs such as assistant jobs or secretary jobs can be done virtually or remotely.

During 2020 many have worked from home and over 50% would like to continue working from home. If you have recently been let go or have just been enjoying staying at home with your kids due to the freedom that homelife gives you, consider continuing to do so. The pandemic has really shown us that so many jobs can be done from home and remote jobs are definitely going to continue after the pandemic comes to an end.

With these quick tips you can hopefully provide for your family while also taking care of them.