How to Apply False Eyelashes Like a Pro

For any makeup look, the eyes are the focal point. This is due to mainly two reasons: 1.the eyes can be the hardest to tackle for the best overall look 2. They also get the most attention out of the while face. Hence an appearance is not complete with comprehensive eye makeup. And these days, the eyes need a lot of prep to make them look the best. Just a nice eyeshadow won’t do; you need contouring, eyeliners, under liners, eyelashes, and a long list that follows.

Although all other applications depend upon the color of the dress and the need of the occasion, eyelashes are something that suits every event and can even be worn casually to create a naturally beautiful eye look. However, only a handful can truly ace the game when it comes to applying falsies and making them a part of the eye. But you can do too with just a little practice, and the following eyelashes tried tips and tricks.

Important! Choose a Style

Never buy eyelashes without knowing your right eye size and shape. Every person has a different eye shape and length, and not any lashes you pick off the racks can magically fit you and create a natural look. For this reason, first, you need to know your eye better, its shape, and length, and then splurge on any falsies that fall in that category. There are mainly, but not limited to four forms of eyes, and with their suitable eyelashes, they are displayed below:

Upturned Eyes

Eyes that are turned up from the outer corner are best suited with longer lashes with more volume at the end.

Downturned Eyes

These pair of eyes turn down toward the end, and a shorter strip lash works well with more length at the end to volumize the corners

Hooded Eyes

When the eyelids are less to not at all visible, your eyes are called hooded eyes, and the best lashes for them are long strip lashes with short lengths as found on this site Visit ilashas for complete and professional eyelash services.

Round Eyes

Round eyes are well open, and the upper and below whites are highly visible to wear curled lashes.

Measure the Lashes

When you buy eyelashes that turn out to be longer or shorter when you wear them, it can become a disastrous occasion as you take off and reapply lashes and glue and ruin your natural lashes in the process. So it’s always better to check the length of each lash to be equal to your eye length and each other. Do this by placing the lashes in front of your eyelashes and checking for sure that they match.  You may do some checking on the Internet too if you are looking to get the right length of eyelashes. There’s a brand like Paris Lash Academy that offers a wide variety of selections.

Put on Eye Liner

Always complete your eye makeup before applying mascara or false eyelashes. Also, when you use eyelashes to make your lashes look thicker and fuller, you will need to apply a coat of eyeliner. So make sure to apply your eyeliner on top of the eye shadow and then glitter or any other product to complete the look.

Glue and Bond

Now, the gluing part can be the trickiest for applying to the false eyelashes to make them stick like a pro. If misapplied, the lash can come off sooner, or the glue can move into the eyes, which is highly hazardous. For this reason, lightly apply the glue in tiny dots on the lashes carefully and then wait a few seconds. Apply the falsies to your lashes after a few seconds, and voila.

However, for a firmer hold and natural-looking lashes, you can first help the lashes become curvier and less likely to fall off by rotating them around a round surface for a few minutes and applying the glue on your lash line as well. These tactics guarantee fall-proofing the falsies and making them adhere to the worst of conditions. Lastly, bond the lashes carefully with a pair of tweezers and gently lay down along with the stub of your natural eyelashes, never above it.