How To Achieve a Better Home Indoor Air Quality During the COVID-19 Crisis

With COVID-19 taking over the news, respiration and breathing are things that everyone needs to keep in mind, especially for indoor environments; keeping your air clean can always keep you safe. During this time of crisis, that’s even more true.

How To Achieve Better Home Indoor Air Quality

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Home indoor air quality can help keep you free from bacteria, allergies, and other particles that can cause irritation in your body. Air pollution and the COVID pandemic aren’t just outside our homes; they also can get inside our houses with ease.

Thankfully, we often have more control over the air quality in our homes and what goes into our air. There are several ways to control your air quality while getting rid of the bad and bringing in the good. You’ll also be able to keep COVID-19 at bay.

Cleaning the Floors

One of the best ways to prevent allergens from coming into the home is to clean where they appear. Dust is full of dust mites, dead skin, bacteria, and other particles that can harm you. The dust can get both on your hard floors like wood and tile, and also inside the strands of your carpet.

This dust can simply sit in your house, accumulating with time and causing problems as time goes on. The best way to prevent this buildup is by cleaning your floors with a vacuum. As long as you have one that suctions up the majority of the dust and has a strong filter, you should be able to pick up most of the dust with ease.

Make sure to vacuum the carpets, along the walls, and any rugs multiple times. Go over the same spot with the vacuum to make sure you get everything.

Keep Humidity Healthy

The higher humidity you have in your home, the more dust mites and mold will enjoy that environment. Ensuring that your air is either put through a dehumidifier or is cycled through an air conditioner will help keep the air dry.

Additionally, if you run the air through a dehumidifier, you can reduce the room’s pollen count and prevent allergies. You can find the best anti-allergy dehumidifiers from

Clean Your Air Filters

Your air filters’ job is to make sure that your house is kept clean of particles inside the home. However, over time the filters can either be clogged with the dust and particles that they are supposed to keep out or have dust gather on them. Therefore, it’s crucial for you to repair your air conditioning system, hence the air filter. This is why Air conditioning and sneezing go hand in hand. The more functional and clean the air filters in your air conditioner are, the less chance you will sneeze from the dust in your home.

When the filters don’t work, this prevents the indoor air from being cycled out into the outdoors. Then fresh air can’t be cycled inside, and the air remains stagnant and dirty. Be sure to look at your air filters every few months, and make sure that they are in tip-top shape. Additionally, you can use an air filter for mold & dust to help keep the air clean.

Especially with COVID-19, you want to make sure the air filters are cleaned, so they can continue to keep your air cycling.

Use Ventilation

Finally, a straightforward way to give your room better air quality is to simply increase the air movement in your home. Proper ventilation pushes the bad air out while leaving the good atmosphere and limiting your exposure to all of the allergens and pollutants inside. But while the AC and the filters can do a good job of ventilating the air, they might not be enough.

You can turn on a fan at certain hours of the day to let the air move through the house and open a window for a while to let the elements in. You should even do this in the colder months, as we often shut ourselves in with the heat and all the bad air that comes with it.

Benefits of Better Home Indoor Air Quality

When stuck indoors, there is less chance to breathe in the fresh air, which is why it is essential that you have good indoor air quality. When at home, you need to have a relaxed and comfortable place so that you can rest, but for that to be possible, you need clean temperature-treated air. There are many benefits of having good home indoor air quality. 

You Can Breathe Easier

Most people take breathing well for granted until they can’t breathe well. The more contaminated the air around you is, the more likely you are to get sick and get a stuffy nose. Even subtle indoor pollutants are known to raise stress levels and inhibit good health. Therefore, having good indoor air quality can help you breathe easier and protect you from contracting various illnesses. 

It Helps You Sleep Better

Good air quality means there are fewer air pollutants in the air that can irritate you, so you are less likely to get sick and sleep better. Since good air quality reduces your stress levels, you will be able to fall asleep much easier when the indoor air quality is better. Additionally, cooler air temperatures are known to relax your body so that you may feel much more at ease in an air-conditioned environment. 

There Are No Allergens & Pollutants

Most people suffer from some kind of allergy, and having the allergen in the air can cause them to feel sick. Good air quality means there are a few allergens in the air, so you are less likely to be exposed to airborne allergens and get sick. It also helps you recover from allergies and other illnesses as you are not exposed to them constantly. 

Eliminate Odors

When the air inside your home is clean, it is harder for germs and molds to bloom. This allows your house to stay smelling fresh and clean. Additionally, having an air filtration system can help significantly prevent germs, pollutants, and mold from entering your home in the first place.

Keeping Yourself Safe

With COVID-19 moving through the air and into our homes and businesses, there’s never been a better time to focus on controlling the air we breathe. You might want to get rid of the coronavirus or the allergies that plague you every spring, and keeping the air quality in your home fresh and free from harmful particles can lead to you having a healthier life.