How Parent-Teacher Apps Made It Easier To Communicate During Covid-19

Effective parent-teacher communication can be trying in the best of times, and with the new norm of online teaching, the methods of communication can be even harder to manage. COVID has changed the way we interact, study, work, and even how we eat, so it is no surprise that it impacts education as well. Whether you are a parent or a teacher, you may find yourself struggling to ensure that appropriate information is being passed along to the correct channels.

While some schools have begun to open, they have done so with restrictions on entering the school and face-to-face communication. Gone are the days when a parent can walk into the classroom to have a word with the teacher. Often, children are signed in at the door, without parents being allowed to enter, to reduce the risk of infection and lessen the number of people physically entering the school. While this is a great strategy to stop the spread of COVID it still makes efficient communication between parents and teachers challenging. But it doesn’t have to be hard, especially with advanced technology designed specifically for parents and teachers.

Web-Based Applications for Parents, Teachers, and Students

Ever since the initial lockdown, schools have been focusing on and implementing new technology that allows for easy communication between parents and teachers, as well as assisting students with organizing their workload. With the abundance of internet marketing, globalization of marketplaces, and contact through social media, it is no surprise that schools are following suit and utilizing this technology to assist in the day-to-day communications between parents and teachers to ensure students are still being provided with the best education possible.

Web-Based Applications for Parents, Teachers, and Students

We use our smartphones more and more, to connect with work, friends, and family, and introducing this method of communication into schools has become an effective and efficient way for parents to easily contact teachers to ensure their children are reaching their goals and conducting themselves in school as they should be.

Benefits of Parent-Teacher Communication

If parents are involved in the daily school life of their children, this can lead to a more rounded education, less missed class time and higher quality outcomes for any number of reasons. The pandemic has added a new obstacle when it comes to parent-teacher communication, but it is not an insurmountable one.

Schools have found a way to utilize our dependence on technology in ways that benefit all parties concerned in open and honest parent-teacher communication. Many applications have been developed that allow teachers to involve parents in the classroom, and a favourite of many is the klassy app. One of the biggest challenges for teachers and parents alike is how to choose the best app for teacher during the ongoing changes we have seen in our social structure due to COVID. With an unprecedented amount of work and design, schools have had to redevelop the way students are taught, the way teachers teach, and the way parents can stay informed.

Benefits of Parent-Teacher Communication

These easy-to-use applications have given parents a way to easily connect with their child’s school and track their progress. The channels through which schools maintain effective communication between parents and teachers may have changed, but its importance has not been diminished. Utilizing applications that have been specially designed to ensure student success is one of the biggest changes we have seen throughout the pandemic, and their importance cannot be understated.

With people working from home, children learning through zoom, and teachers planning their lessons from their living rooms, the processes of education have changed, but not the fundamentals. School boards and teachers alike are striving to provide the highest quality education possible, and these easy-to-use and effective applications have become the new norm. Teachers implementing new technology in the classroom is not new, we’ve gone from overhead projectors to having high-tech digital whiteboards. From paper record-keeping and a weekly typing class to full-on computer programming classes within schools. So it is no surprise that as technology grows and changes, so too do the methods of communication between parents and teachers.

Having a well-designed, functional and easy-to-use application that allows parents access to student goals and contact with teachers is simply the next step in the evolution of education. While it may seem daunting to find the right approach to this new method of learning, it doesn’t have to be. Ongoing communication with teachers through trusted applications is allowing parents to be just as involved in their children’s education as they were before, maybe even more. Parent-teacher applications are the wave of the future, and they have made continuing education possible throughout the global pandemic.