How Much Does It Usually Cost to Have Bottled Water Delivered?

There are tons of benefits you can get for at-home water delivery, like choosing the type of water you prefer to be delivered to your family’s convenience and safety. It’s best for people who have contaminated tap water in their home or have a bad taste that you cannot drink.

Finding the best water delivery services to meet your demand is vital. It allows you to have peace of mind knowing that your drinking water is safe and has passed rigorous testing to meet safety standards. In this case, you can check Diamond Rock, a water and coffee delivery service for the NJ area that offers a variety of options to meet your precise needs. They are a reliable and trusted company that provides excellent services based on customers’ first-hand experience.

Bottled Water Home Delivery: How Much Does It Cost?

Water delivery services are your most ideal option if your water quality is poor or the taste is off. You can check for direct water delivery at your home. The best part about water delivered into your home is ensuring that it’s of high quality and taste.

There are various sizes available based on your preference, ranging from 5-gallon jugs or single served bottled water. There are also different types of water bottles you can consider, a Crystal Water Bottle being my favorite any day.. Different kinds of water vary in prices and delivery costs. Their price depends on frequency, size, and the process was dispensed.

On an average homeowner, you can expect them to spend about $45 per month, on a regular delivery schedule of five-gallon water jugs, that comes with a home dispenser. Though the cost still varies per consumption and the size of your family.

You can also check with the water delivery service plans available for your demand. For example, you can purchase per water bottle or number of water bottles you want to be delivered per month. You usually get a reduced price for bottled water provided in bulk, or you can opt for a five-gallon water jug instead, which can cost between $7 or $8 for every home delivery.

Bottled Water Delivery Pros And Cons

Understanding the benefits and setbacks of at-home water delivery can help you decide whether this option is best suited for your needs.

Here are the benefits and setbacks in a nutshell:


  • It’s convenient on your end.
  • You can select the amount of water you prefer.
  • You can choose the best serving method that fits your family’s demand.
  • It’s ideal for homes with contamination or has a bad taste tap water that you cannot drink.
  • It provides the best freshwater for drinking or cooking.
  • The water is rigorously tested to meet safety standards.
  • It offers you a variety of options for water where it came and what treatment you preferred.


  • It can be costly over time.
  • It uses more plastic, especially if you go into a single-serve bottled water plan.
  • It can add up to energy consumptions if you’re using a water dispenser that keeps cold or hot water ready for you.
  • Delivery services can be delayed during inclement weather conditions.
  • You may need to check for premium plans if you consume more water than required.

Types Of Water For Home Delivery Services

Water delivery services enable you to select the type of water suitable for your family’s needs and preferences. With this, you can choose from the following water types below:

  • Distilled/Purified Water – It can come from any water source, and it’s purified through distillation, reverse osmosis, filtering, or another process. It usually costs a five-gallon jug about $7-8 each.
  • Spring Water – It’s the type of water that comes from a natural spring source that is not changed or purified. It usually costs a five-gallon bottle of about $8-10 each.
  • Mineral Water – It’s the type of water with mineral contents like sodium, magnesium, or calcium. It cost about $8-10 on every five-gallon bottle.
  • Artesian Water – It’s the type of water that is considered purified and derived from the artesian well, which may contain some minerals. It will cost you about $8-10 per five-gallon jug.


Choosing how you want your water to be dispensed is vital as it should offer you convenience. Most of the time, a water dispenser is ideal for three or 5-gallon jugs of water. Some companies offer to use their water dispenser while other homeowners may need to purchase one for them.

If you plan to check for water delivery services, you have to plan ahead of time what size of water is suitable for your family’s needs as most deliveries are scheduled for your convenience. The amount of water is based on the number of people that will use it in every household.