How Much Does a Septic Tank Replacement Cost?

If you live in an area without a municipal wastewater treatment system such as in a city, then you likely have a septic tank. Any water that leaves your home whether it’s from the toilet, sink or bathtub is considered wastewater.

The water contains everything from waste solids to bacteria, soap and more. It flows throughout your pipe system and settles in the septic tank. The tank is placed in the ground and wastewater flows into it.

Over time, the tank degrades, or the solids build and require a septic tank replacement. What is the septic tank replacement cost? We’ll examine your septic system and determine the average cost to remove and replace the system.

Your Septic Tank System

In a sewer system, wastewater goes into the sewers and flows to the wastewater treatment plant. There it is treated and deposited into a water source. With a septic system, there is no sewer and no treatment plant.

The wastewater enters the septic tank and solids settle to the bottom. The water is sent to perforated pipes that discharges into a leach field or chamber. If there is too much wastewater dumped into the leach field, then it can lead to sewage flooding on your property.

Some types of septic tanks filter the water using sand or other organic matter. There are also aerobic tanks that use bacteria to break down organic solids.

Septic Systems Break Down

The septic tank is made from materials such as concrete, fiberglass or polyethylene and buried below the ground. The tank fills with solids, cracks, or breaks, leading to sewage flooding and other problems.

You probably think that a bad smell is the first sign of a septic tank failure, but that’s not true. You’ll likely notice sewage backup in your home if the tank gets clogged or there is too much solid in the tank.

If the tank is cracked or broken, the wastewater leaks out and you’ll notice pooling water or mud near the septic tank or in your basement.

You also may green grass in the drain field even if there has been no rain. These are all signs the septic tank need replaced.

Septic Tank Replacement Cost

The cost of removing and replacing a septic tank depends on the type of tank and septic system you have. The crew must dig up the tank, unhook it from the system, replace the tank and then bury it again. While the tank is replaced, you’ll need a porta potty rental.

You can also get septic tank service to help extend the life of the tank.

The average cost of septic tank removal is about $3,900 and can range between $1,500 to $5,000, depending on the tank and time required to remove it. If you have an aerobic or mound septic tank, then the cost can be as much as $10,000-$20,000.

If Broken, the Septic Tank Needs Replaced

Don’t wait on replacing a broken or malfunctioning septic tank. Human waste has dangerous bacteria that can be hazardous to the health of your family. The septic tank replacement cost is worth keeping your family safe and healthy.

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