How Moms Can Navigate the Vape Product Market To Make A Good Purchase

If you are a parent, then smoking is risky. Not only do you increase your chances of developing lung disease, but you also advertise smoking to your children. The children of smokers are considerably more likely to take up smoking than their peers whose parents don’t smoke. Vaping is a very effective alternative to traditional smoking because it is better for your health, and it’s a lot more convenient. Vapes come in a variety of tasty flavors and don’t stain your teeth.

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Benefits of Vaping over Smoking

As the information on smoking and vaping became massively available, it is no doubt that misleading information about vaping can make it more difficult for users to filter what is truthful. Remember that burning cigarettes releases thousands of different chemicals. Many are toxic, and up to 70 cause cancer. Toxins in tobacco smoke can also cause other serious illnesses like lung disease, heart disease, and stroke. Smoking an e-cigarette or vape exposes you to far fewer toxins than smoking a cigarette. Smoking an e-cigarette does not produce tar or carbon monoxide, two of the most harmful substances in cigarette smoke. Here are other benefits of vaping compared to smoking.

1. Vaping can help you quit smoking

E-cigs are still unsafe and not recommended for non-smokers or young people. So, if you are a concerned parent, you better be discreet when using vapes around your kids. Further, to lessen the risks smoking offer, using e-cigarettes can be ideal. Vapes are electronic devices that allow you to inhale nicotine as vapor instead of smoke. This is typically done by heating a solution (e-liquid) containing propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavorings, and nicotine. E-liquids come in varying nicotine strengths, allowing you to control the nicotine you need to relieve cravings and other withdrawal symptoms such as irritability and bad moods. Further, vaping helps break the routine created by smoking. Smoking habits and habits are difficult to break, so smoking e-cigarettes allow you to quit them gradually while immediately reducing the health risks of smoking.

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2. Vaping is cheaper than smoking

It is estimated that smoking 20 cigarettes a day costs more than purchasing e-cigarettes. Of course, this varies from person to person. The type of cigarettes you smoke, where you buy them, and other factors also play a role. However, there is a good estimate for the average smoker, proving that you can spend less with vapes. Note that e-cigarettes have a higher initial cost than smoking. Before you get started, you’ll need to buy an e-cigarette and all associated accessories, but in the long run, it’s significantly cheaper than smoking cigarettes.

3. Second-hand vape is not as dangerous as second-hand smoke

The effects of second-hand smoke have been studied for many years, and results have shown that smoking is extremely dangerous to smokers and those around them. The smoke from tobacco products contains 5000 chemicals and about 70 known carcinogens (ingredients that cause cancer). Second-hand smoke is very dangerous because the smoker and others can inhale it. On the other hand, vaping has been shown not to have the same risks as inhaling second-hand vapor. Vapor coming from e-cigarettes evaporates very quickly, making them much safer for those around you when you vape. However, some health professionals recommend that you avoid vaping around small children and pregnant women to be safe.

Here are some tips for navigating the vape product market and making a purchase that’s right for you:


If you are trying to navigate the vape market, then you already know that the huge array of products makes the entire thing somewhat dizzying. With so much to choose from, how are you meant to make a sound buying decision? The best way to determine what’s right for you is to start by thinking about the very basics. What do you want your vape cartridge to contain? Do you want Cannabis derivatives, nicotine, or just flavored liquid? Once you know that, you can then decide what sort of pen you want– alternatively, you can think about buying kits that include cartridges and pens. Work out what you want before you make a purchase.



Cartridge flavor also requires a lot of thought. The flavor of your cartridge will shape your experience of vaping. If you don’t buy a flavor that agrees with you, then you could end up being put off of vaping forever. When you are just getting started, it’s usually best to start with dull or muted flavors– ones that aren’t especially strong and don’t overwhelm the senses. Once you have familiarized yourself with vaping and have experimented with different flavors you can then begin purchasing stronger and more intense ones. Bear in mind your children’s opinion too. Don’t buy any vape cartridges that release a scent that they don’t like, because this will make them feel very uncomfortable.


Discretion is something that a lot of parents think about when they are buying vape pens. As mentioned in this article’s introduction, the children of smokers are more likely to smoke themselves. This is also true when it comes to vaping. While vaping is a lot less harmful than smoking, it likely isn’t something that you will want to encourage your children to take up. For this reason, try to avoid buying a vape pen that’s obnoxious and indiscreet. If you are going to vape, then you should try to avoid doing it around your children. When vaping in public, avoid making a show out of it.


A product’s popularity is a great indicator of whether or not it’s worth buying. For this reason, you should check out reviews and find out what previous users have to say, before making a purchase. You can find out about a product’s reviews by Googling it. You can also check out a company’s reviews on Google and Trust Pilot. It’s usually best to avoid reading reviews published on a manufacturer’s website because they are usually exaggerated or biased. You should also ask your friends and find out if they have any favorite brands if you have friends that vape.


Bias is always something that’s worth considering when you are asking for referrals or reading reviews. Some people make money by making referrals to other people. With that said, just because somebody’s got a specific bias, that doesn’t immediately discount the product’s quality. You should conduct your own research into products before buying. Don’t rely exclusively on anybody’s word. Read reviews, find out what ingredients and components are involved in a product’s creation, and find out how high products that you are interested in buying rank on internet guides. Independent review sites are usually the best place to go because they aren’t sponsored and don’t benefit from their reviews.


Finally, consider discounts. The world’s experiencing an unprecedented cost of living crisis. Food prices are rising globally. As a mother, it’s highly likely that you already know things are somewhat tight. You might even be taking up vaping because smoking is too expensive. Vaping is very affordable. It is made even more affordable by the discounts and promotional offers available at vape dispensaries. In addition to sales and promotional offers, you should also be able to get a 5-10% discount at most stores when you sign up for their newsletters.

If you are trying to navigate the vape market and make a good purchase, then research is essential. Only through research will you be able to find the product that’s perfect for you. Make sure that you carefully think through your vapes’ ingredients and contents. What you consume has a large influence on your experience of vaping.