How Math Online Tutors Can Help Improve Your Child’s Math Grades

Many students find math to be a hard subject compared to others. The struggle is mathematics is real for students. The terminologies, long formulas, and complicated symbols make things even more robust. It is a subject that requires a push or continuous practice for a learner to be able to internalize the concepts. So, what can you give your child’s performance in mathematics a boost? I would advise that parents get their children online math. When my child’s performance in mathematics started dropping, I resolved to engage an online math tutor. I can confidently say that this strategy worked for me because hiring a math tutor raised my child’s grade from a C to an A.

Are your kids struggling with math, you are wondering how you can help them improve in the subject? If the answer is yes, then you are where you should be. In this article, you will get all the information you need to know about online and in-home math tutoring to help you make an informed decision.

Why Online And In-Home Math Tutoring?

Sincerely speaking, it is difficult for the math teacher to give your child individualized attention in a school setting. The reason is that there are many students, so it is difficult for the teacher to attend to each one of them. For this reason, the tutor might not get enough time to give your child the support he or she needs. Even if the teacher was to do so, it could be overwhelming for him or her.

That is where an online or in-home tutor comes in handy. Although you will have to dig deeper into your pocket to get one for your kid, it will be worth it. Following my kid’s experience, I would strongly recommend online or in-home tutoring for the following reasons:

1. There is matching or tutor with the learner

Most online and in-home math, tutors, appreciate the fact that students learn differently. So, most of the online and in-home math tutoring programs prefer matching a tutor with a learner. For instance, before allocating students a math tutor, they will first want to know the student’s character traits, a subject area that the child is struggling with, the learner’s availability, and proximity to the student’s home.

They do this to ensure that learners get the right tutors. This idea of a positive pairing of tutors and students ensures that every student receives the right tutor for a faster understanding of math concepts and ultimate success.

2. Online and in-home math tutors give individualized attention to learners

Almost all math online tutors take an individualized teaching approach. They attend to one student at a time and dedicate all their time to that one learner. Whether it is online or in-home tutoring, the tutor will sit with your kid and explain the math concepts to the learner in detail. In other words, the method helps them to give every student undivided attention.

The learner also gets long hours of interaction with the tutor as they engage in one-on-one discussions. Where the kid cannot understand, he or she reaches the opportunity to ask and gets the answer right away. It is contrary to the learning that takes place in a classroom setting where it is difficult for a learner to have one-on-one discussions with the teacher regularly.

3. There is a collective responsibility

Online tutoring provides an opportunity for collective responsibility. The tudors work with both the students and parents to develop a suitable teaching plan that will help the students succeed in math. They prepare teaching and learning resources that are in line with the learning needs of a specific learner.

4. The tutors are qualified and have the right experience

The online tutors are as good as those we have in a class setting because they have the required qualifications and experience. The majorities of online math tutors are also full-time teachers in various schools and teach the same math concepts. They have got all it takes to help you kids improve on their math grades.

Your Math Tutor Can Make School Math Enjoyable for Your Children

While it’s possible that your kids can grow to love math, the way it’s taught in school might deter them. For instance, since they frequently favor pupils skilled at understanding their lectures, they can have their learning environment. Fortunately, you can engage a math tutor to assist your kids in learning the basics of the subject.

The setting for tutoring also differs from what your kids are accustomed to at school. There are more chances to work with each child as a mentor to evaluate their performance and comprehension of each arithmetic idea. In order to increase your children’s aptitude for learning mathematics, math tutors also discover ways to include other disciplines, such as science and french. Who knows, though? This experience may also open doors for a person to appreciate difficult material and look for possibilities on their own to study and succeed.

Math Tutoring is More Time-Efficient and Cost-Effective than Other Means to Improve Math Skills

For your kids to develop their arithmetic abilities, you may decide to self-study because you think it will be less expensive. You might consider instructing them yourself as well. But you end up spending more time since you have to rediscover arithmetic principles and explain them at your children’s level. In order to effectively teach your children, you also need to invest more money in resources. When you employ a math tutor, though, you won’t need to be concerned about these problems.

Professionally trained math tutors are open to your child’s arithmetic abilities. Additionally, they have access to a wealth of information that can aid in guiding your kids. Additionally, there are discounts and free trials available for math tutoring sessions so you can save even more money. You may make sure that your kids receive the support they require to succeed academically by hiring a math tutor.

Convenience, Accessibility, and Technology

A kid studying online image

1. Online math tutoring is more convenient

There isn’t much to say about this one.

Everyone benefits when you don’t have to drive your kids to a particular place and your student can practice math at home and whenever it’s convenient for them.

So that you may return to your hectic routine and unwind in the knowledge that your child is receiving the specialized assistance they require.

2. Online tutoring doesn’t feel like school

When students are not required to sit in a learning center or classroom, they frequently study more effectively. Additionally, they can practice their arithmetic skills in the privacy of their own homes, free from the interruptions of other pupils, due to online programs. The comfortable environment makes pupils feel more at ease and open to learning.

Furthermore, unlike time spent in a coaching facility or a virtual classroom, an online tutoring session is a real one-on-one interaction. Your child will receive the undivided attention of a committed math tutor as opposed to tutors or teachers who are proctoring a study session with a number of students.

3. Online math lessons are available anytime, anywhere

The technologically advanced online tutoring program offers all the advantages of in-person tutoring plus unlimited access to the rest of our top-notch curriculum. This features more than 100,000 math games, worksheets, tutorials, and word problems that are accessible round-the-clock without a private tutor’s physical presence.

Students do not need to wait until they meet with their knowledgeable math tutor once more if they get ahead. The math coaching program Thinkster offers video tutorials that describe several approaches for resolving arithmetic issues that are comparable to those in the worksheet. After that, the knowledgeable tutor encourages students to continue learning on their own schedules by assigning daily grades and giving frequent comments on each course finished.

4. You receive progress updates and have regular access to online tutors

Traditional tutoring techniques cannot compare to the convenience of online tutoring. However, we’ve gone a step further by making sure you are informed at every stage of your student’s progress.

You can keep track of your student’s progress by automatically receiving weekly updates and taking part in quarterly conference calls. Our monthly evaluations and exams serve to reinforce conceptual understanding and assess your student’s confidence.

You can discuss with your student specific, quantifiable facts using the performance measures on the parent dashboard. This makes talking to your child about their homework, which can be stressful, simpler for both of you.

5. Online tutoring provides advanced comfort and engagement with digital programs

You spend the majority of your day on your computer, tablet, or mobile device as a parent. Children today still experience this in the same way.

There is no doubt that this trend toward digital communications will continue. Therefore, allowing your pupils to use technology (outside of social media) will be to their long-term advantage.

Beginning in elementary school, high school study is conducted online, and the majority of positions in the workforce demand a high level of digital literacy. Therefore, it’s crucial to be familiar with computers and have experience using technology efficiently.

The arithmetic activities that students use in the online tutoring program are not merely completed via technology. Our instructors may also follow each student’s progress as they come up with solutions to specific arithmetic problems due to our ground-breaking Artificial Intelligence and Active Replay Technology. This profound understanding not only helps us speed up learning for our students, but also makes it easier for you, the parent, to monitor progress each week.

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6. Online math tutoring builds more than math skills

Beyond only improving arithmetic skills, online tutoring approach fosters confidence. Our programs educate students how to study, learn, and think critically all in one place by utilizing a methodology that is centered on concept mastery.

Math word problems are valued in our online curriculum and are taught because they foster critical thinking, analytical processes, problem-solving, and reasoning abilities. Word issue experience also teaches pupils how to break down difficulties in real life and see them through to completion. This is a crucial talent that equips students with the confidence they need to succeed in the long run, do well on competitive exams, and handle challenging challenges. These abilities then transfer to the other academic subjects taught in schools.

Students are encouraged to employ these strategies whenever they run into a new challenge since they are aware of their capacity for learning and success and can see it displayed on a screen in front of them. They’ve already seen success, therefore they are confident in their ability to do so.

With a flexible timetable, students are encouraged to complete these programs on their own, which promotes independence. However, the knowledge that their math tutor would be monitoring their progress instills in some kids a level of accountability they may not have had previously.

7. You don’t have to be a math wizard to help your child get ahead

Math homework is sometimes an unpleasant part of the day for many families. After a long day at work, both parents frequently have to manage their children while still attending social engagements, attending sporting activities, and juggling a variety of other obligations. It’s also possible that either parent did not enroll in a college-level math course. Therefore, parents may find it challenging to provide their children with the math assistance they need to succeed, whether the curriculum has changed or there are simply not enough hours in the day.

An online tutor can assist reduce this tension and offer subject-matter expertise. In addition, they assist your kid in obtaining the correct solutions and deepening their comprehension of the ideal approaches and strategies required for problem-solving. Additionally, even when they aren’t working with a math tutor, your student can get immediate help from the built-in tutorial videos accessible through our desktop/tablet tutoring app.

Our tutoring program can respond to your student’s arithmetic questions even if you can’t immediately away.

8. Students are more likely to ask questions online if they are too afraid to do so in class

Do you recall what it was like to desire to impress your classmates when you were in school?

If your child is having trouble, they might just be too shy to speak up in class. Online education offers some confidentiality, which might act as a safety net for these more reserved pupils. One of the websites quotes teachers as saying that pupils who gain confidence from online learning eventually start to ask more questions in class.

With more self-assurance, your student will be better prepared to succeed the rest of the academic year and in other aspects of life.

9. Students can work and learn at their own pace

One of the best things about online tutoring services is that your student is free to go at his or her own pace. In contrast to classroom teachers who must adhere to a curriculum and require all students to do the same work at the same time.

This implies that individuals are free to devote whatever time they require or want outside of tutoring sessions to concentrating on and mastering particular concepts. Your pupil advances only when he or she is prepared to do so.

This empowers students to take care of their education and gives them a sense of increased control over the process.

10. You can feel confident that online tutoring programs can make your child successful

We are aware of how essential education is to you and your family. You can have confidence that your child will master the skills necessary to excel in school and in life if you use online tutoring.

You may be sure that your child is working toward precise goals that demonstrate measurable progress with frequent feedback, periodic testing, and math tutor discussions.

Students are assessed on the same subjects repeatedly throughout a tutoring program to make sure they not only understand the material, but also have proficiency in it. This avoids the “parroting effect” that can occur when students just memorize steps and techniques to address issues without comprehending the underlying theoretical underpinnings.

By connecting problems to real-world scenarios, we help our students develop their thinking abilities far more effectively and help them become lifelong learners.

Difference Between Online And Face-to-face Tutoring (For tutors)

Online tutoring

There are many great benefits to online tutoring, as well as a few disadvantages.

You can choose the location or area from which you want to work, which is one of the initial advantages of online coaching. You can choose to remain at home, be in your bedroom, or eat at the dining room table. If you have access to a school, you may reserve a classroom and utilize the wifi there. Other options include looking for a quiet cafe or coworking space.

Because you are aware of where you feel comfortable and which environments aid in improved study habits, choosing your workspace has several advantages.

Finding students around the nation is another great benefit of online tutoring. Communication technologies have advanced so much due to technology that you may instruct a class to a student in Miami from New York.

This has a tremendous financial impact because kids are present everywhere. If you teach in person, you must limit your student search to those who are local. If you decide to teach online, you can contact students who live elsewhere and increase the number of your clients.

The fact that you only need a reliable internet connection to deliver classes online is a last advantage. This, however, might also be harmful. With video calls, we’ve all experienced embarrassing situations, and they will continue to occur.

There is nothing more unpleasant than attempting to maintain a discussion or a lesson with audio or video cutting regularly, so if you teach online, make sure you have a solid internet connection and that the student has too.

Additionally, you are wasting both your and your students’ time if you spend 15 minutes of a class trying to connect and rejoin the call.

But don’t worry too much; you’ll learn to handle the ups and downs of online tutoring because everything is a learning process. 

Face-to face tutoring

The main advantage of in-person tutoring is the opportunity to get to know the student you will be working with (kids, teens, or young adults).

When you have the chance to interact with the student in person, it is simpler to connect with them and their progress can happen much more quickly than with online tutoring. The child will gain confidence and comfort in you through personal interaction, and this will likely show in their academic performance.

Also, when you teach a lesson in person, it is much simpler to keep a child’s attention, especially when they start to wander off, and it is also simpler to tell if they have lost interest.

If you are completing math exercises or checking homework, it will be simpler to make revisions to their work because you will be looking at it directly. You will need to request photos or scanned copies if the class is being held online.

The same is true for whatever low grade the child received; if you have the test or essay in front of you, it will be simpler to see errors and give them advice on how to avoid doing them again.

The disadvantage of in-person tutoring is the travel time, though. To get to the meeting location, you would have to travel across the city, which can be tiresome and a waste of time. Additionally, you’ll have to make do with students who live nearby or somewhat nearby.

You’ll need to adjust to other people’s working environments, which is another drawback. Consider working as an online tutor to avoid having to work on other people’s spaces if flexibility is not one of your strengths.

Finally, if you have meetings with several kids throughout the day, you can also find it challenging to plan your calendar.


Online and in-home math tutoring is the best way to go if you want to help your children improve their grades. It has been there before COVID-19, and it will continue to exist even after the pandemic phase is over. It is evident in the Google search engine, which shows how math tutoring is the most searched phrase. It can only mean one thing that online math tutoring is working for learners. It is a method that is transforming the attitude of learners towards mathematics as it has given them the reason to love mathematics and perform well in the subject.