How Many Students Get Into Hampshire College Each Year?

Sometimes it gets hard to successfully get admitted to a college, especially if your grades don’t meet the threshold. However, if you are sure of your performance and struggle to get accepted, you need to understand the unique application process in every college.  Especially if you are looking to get a manufacturing engineering degree part time or other options.

The Hampshire College is one of the leading higher learning institutions with a relatively low percentage of acceptances. For instance, in 2020, only about 50 students were accepted out of more than 2,000 applicants making the institution extremely competitive in the admission process.

Notably, the institution enrolls around 1,000 students each year.

Interestingly, some of the rejected applicants had high scores and grades from high school. Typically, Hampshire college attracts and accepts average high school students with a “B+” score or higher.

Notable Requirements to Join Hampshire College

Since the college only accepts high-performing students, you will need to be exceptional to land admission at the institution. Like any other institution, Hampshire College has specific performance and conduct requirements that serve as minimum requirements for your application to be considered.

Specifically, the average high school GPA required at the college should not be less than 3.45 with a grade of at least “B+.”

In addition, you will have to meet other admission requirements to fit the academic standards. Recommendations are a must at the college as they will demonstrate your participation and contribution to your high school.

Besides, the recommendation will prove your performance since it is written by trusted referees such as school heads. Other requirements such as demonstration of competencies, high school class rank, and test scores may not be required but are recommended to bolster your application process.

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