How Many Flavours of CBD Oil Vape Juice Are There?

Terpenes are responsible for giving cannabidiol products flavour. This compound can add the summer-berry, sweet flavour that the product seems to be missing. Terpenes allow manufacturers to create an aromatic and tasty vape oil with no adverse effects.

Apart from enhancing the vape juice, it may also have other positive effects on the body. Having the choice of various flavours allows patients to fully customise their vaping experience. Broad-spectrum and full-spectrum cannabidiol usually have terpenes in them, however certain isolates may have them as well.

The best CBD vape oil is usually made by combining cannabidiol and terpenes with a solvent. This solvent is usually a mixture of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine. Terpenes can include pinene (piney scent), humulene (earthy taste) and limonene (citrus taste).

According to the brand they purchase from, users can choose from 15 000 different flavours for their vape pens. Alternatively, some users prefer the natural taste that cannabidiol provides. This is best for those who are sensitive to additional flavourings and strong aromas.

Lesser-Known Benefits of CBD Vape Oil

The many abilities of this compound are also beneficial for other conditions that most users are not aware of. It does not cure the condition, however, it shows excellent effectiveness in managing them compared to synthetic medications.

These conditions are:

  • Diabetes – It has been confirmed that chronic inflammation can result in insulin resistance. This leads to type 2 diabetes. Since cannabidiol has anti-inflammatory properties, the compound can be an effective treatment in this condition.
  • Neurological conditions – Its neuroprotective properties make the compound a promising adjunctive treatment to neurological conditions such as cerebral ischemia and Parkinson’s.
  • Heart conditions – The cardioprotective abilities of the CBD oil vape can widen blood vessels and exhibit antioxidant properties. Additionally, the state of calmness after inhaling the compound reduces pressure on the heart.
  • Side effects from chemotherapy – Cannabidiol can reduce nausea and stimulate appetite in patients who are undergoing chemo.
  • Epilepsy and seizure management – The dominant anticonvulsant effect actively reduced the occurrence of seizures.
  • The compound can also assist in nicotine withdrawal, drug withdrawal and reducing the side effects of certain antipsychotic medications.

There are still ongoing studies on the compound, which means that its benefits can range beyond this list. However, the above still solidifies that the compound is a highly therapeutic, natural treatment with little to no adverse effects.

How should CBD Oil for Vape be Used?

With first-time users, vaping cannabidiol can seem overwhelming and intimidating. However, the process is simple and easy. The first step to vaping cannabidiol properly is knowing how much to vape and which strength to buy. Determining the dosage is very important, as it should adequately treat the specified condition.

First-time users are advised to use a vape pen, as it is not complicating. This device works by heating the CBD vape oil through a special component which is then inhaled through a mouthpiece. The tank should be filled sufficiently to prevent excessive damage to the coil of the vape pen.

Experts recommend users wait for 5 to 10 minutes for the coil to become saturated before putting the vape pen on. The button that releases the vapour should be pressed when inhaling, and the user must pause for a few minutes between each puff. This is to assess how the compound affects them.

It is best to start with smaller puffs and gradually increase the number of puffs until they find the best dose for them. The vapour should not be held for more than a second, as they might start coughing. Inhale and exhale as usual.

The vape pen should be cleaned on a regular basis, as a clean vape will always provide optimal results. Although the CBD oil vape juice does not stain the components of the pen, residue can build up, which negatively affects the vaping experience if left as is.

How to Extend the Lifetime of CBD Oil Vape Juice

To ensure that the lifetime of cannabidiol vape oils is prolonged, users can follow some simple strategies to always keep it fresh. Following good storage practices can help users benefit from their vape for a more extended period and retain its full therapeutic strength.

The central aspect of keeping the best CBD vape oil fresh is to keep it protected from the elements as much as possible. Direct light, heat and oxygen can degrade the carrier oils/base and the cannabidiol extract in the product.

Other aspects to take note of include:

  •         The vape oil should be kept in a cool, dark place. This can include the basement or a pantry.
  •         Keep the caps on tight when it is not in use.
  •         Avoid humidity and light.
  •         If it emits a funny smell, it should be thrown out.

If it is left out in a sunny room or a car, the ageing process is sped up. It is important for users to avoid these situations.  Additionally, if the user has various flavours, the oldest ones should be kept in front to be conscious of the dates.

When proper precautions into storing CBD oil vape juice are followed, the life of the product will be prolonged from one year to two years. Beyond this, it is questionable. Most people use their vape oils before their expiry date, however, it is still important to practise proper handling strategies.

How does CBD Oil for Vape Feel?

Cannabidiol is promoted as an alternative method to relax or lower anxiety. Various studies have found that the compound is highly effective in the symptoms of anxiety and depression. However, this does not equate to the euphoric ‘high’ that THC causes. Instead, the compound causes an uplifting effect.

Cannabidiol and THC both target the cannabinoid type 1 (CB1) receptors in the brain. However, the type of impact that they have indicates why they produce opposite results. THC binds and activates these receptors, causing the intoxicating effects associated with marijuana.

However, when CBD oil vape is inhaled, it acts as an antagonist of the CB1 receptor. This means that it inhibits any intoxicating effects that are caused by the CB1 receptors. The compound still produces an uplifting, relaxing effect without intoxication.