How Long Does It Take To Paint A Room?

With a little bit of preparation and the right tools, you can paint your room DIY style. However, if you do not have enough time to repaint your house by yourself, you can hire GSD Painting and Decorating Contractors.

A few factors could determine how long it takes to repaint a room, such as the number of workers, the size of the room, and the sheen of the paint. Some people prefer to paint their rooms on their own to avoid the cost of hiring professional Seattle painters. But with professional help, you can save your time and get great results. Most professional painters use the standard method by applying two coats of paint and one coat of primer on the walls, and one coat of white paint on the ceiling. If there are different colors on each wall, it can take longer. Typically, lighter paint colors need two coats, and darker paint colors need three to four coats.

Getting Started

As painting requires precision, you should not rush, even if you want to complete the work quickly. To ensure that your final coat of paint is smooth and clean, you should devote at least an hour preparing your room before you start painting.

Firstly, you should take out all the furniture from the room or move them away from the walls. Then you need to cover the floor with a drop cloth. You may choose to use the cloth along the walls you will be painting or cover the entire floor with it. Also, do not forget to remove all décor, picture frames, and light-switch covers from the wall. Use spackle to fill any dents, holes, or dings in the walls to ensure that the paint has a smooth surface to stick to.

Cover the window frames, the area where the room’s walls meet the ceiling, and the baseboard with a painter’s tape. This will reduce mistakes during painting and make ‘cutting in’ easier. However, it would be better to use a high-quality painting tape instead of a generic tape as the latter tends to rip apart. You can purchase FrogTape from the same store you are buying your paint from.

Depending on the condition and size of the room, it may take you longer to prepare it for the paint job. Nevertheless, you can speed up the process by using a good quality and fast-drying spackle.

Cutting In

Cutting in allows you to paint the wall portions that your rollers cannot reach. If you have experience cutting in, it might take you less than an hour to complete it. However, if you avoid cutting in, you might not get a smooth-looking and well-blended finish.

Using high-quality paintbrushes with angled bristles will help you complete the task faster. Also, you can avoid going up and down your ladder to get paint by using sturdy paint cups with handles. You can use the painter’s tape if you are facing trouble creating straight-cut lines.

Applying Paint

After cutting in, you can begin rolling paint onto your walls. Most professional painters find this step to be the easiest. If you are painting your room alone, you should use a larger roller. Purchase a 14-18 inches long roller instead of the standard 9-inch roller, as a larger roller makes it possible to paint more surface area of your wall with a single stroke. Again, you will not have to keep moving up and down your ladder if you use an extension rod while painting.

Clean Up

After completing the paint job, it should take you less than an hour to put your room back together. You will have to reposition your furniture, hang the pictures and the switch plates back on your walls, and remove the painter’s tape. However, you need to wait for at least 48 hours to let the paint dry before doing any of these tasks. Hanging pictures too early could cause the paint to crack. The professional painter will also inspect the room for any light areas, paint on the ceiling or paint on the trim and missed spots. It should take about thirty minutes to one hour to put the room back together after the paint job is complete.

A professional-quality paint job will last for about eight to nine years. If you need skilled painters who have experience handling external and interior painting projects, contact us today.