How Expensive Is It To Live in Birmingham, MI?

There are a number of suburbs around the city of Detroit that make great places to live for those who desire a slower, more settled lifestyle. One of the most popular Detroit suburbs is called Birmingham, Michigan. Birmingham is located about 30 minutes north of downtown Detroit and is home to just over twenty thousand residents.

Birmingham is one of the wealthiest and most expensive suburbs of Detroit which makes it a desirable place to live for high earners. The median household income in Birmingham, Michigan is $170,000 and the price of the average home in Birmingham is over $700,000.

With those numbers in mind, a big question that people have about the area  is “how expensive is it to live in Birmingham, MI?”

How much does it cost to live in Birmingham, MI?

When considering the cost of living in a particular area, the biggest factor that most people look at is the cost of housing. A majority of people in Birmingham are homeowners meaning that they own the home they live in. While the median price of a home in Birmingham is over $700,000, you can find smaller homes that are much more affordable. By no means do you need to afford a $700,000 home to live in Birmingham, MI.

There are many homes that are available in the $200,000s and $300,000s as well as a number of beautiful condos that provide convenient access to Birmingham’s attractive amenities without costing an arm and a leg.

How much does it cost to move to Birmingham, MI?

If you are considering moving to the Birmingham area in the near future it will be worth your while to partner with a trustworthy and reputable real estate agent that will have your best interest in mind. Working with the right real estate agent can save you tens of thousands of dollars on your new home.

Another cost that should be considered when planning a move to the area is the cost of movers in Birmingham. Don’t forget to reach out to different movers in the Birmingham area to find a company that offers the best rates.

How much do private schools cost in Birmingham, MI?

If you have children who will be attending private school, Birmingham has a few different options to consider. The pricing can vary depending on which school your child attends as well as their grade level. Pricing can range anywhere from $7,000 per year to over $20,000 per year. Again, be sure to visit each of the private schools around Birmingham and find a private school that best fits your child’s needs and desires.

The costs of moving to Birmingham Michigan can vary greatly depending on your unique requirements. For some the transition can be more costly while others may find the process to be affordable. Proper planning can save you thousands of dollars so be sure to thoroughly plan your move to the Birmingham area.