How Does Nail Repair Gel Work?

Broken nails are more than just a nuisance. A broken nail can be painful and even lead to infection. You may be able to clip the tear if the location of the break is not too deep. However, most breaks occur over an area of the nail that is vital for your overall health.

What purpose do fingernails serve?

Before learning about how nail repair gel works, you may want to learn why you need fingernails in the first place. Once upon a time, fingernails helped human ancestors in the same way they currently help primates to climb trees.

Humans no longer need to swing from branches, but nails are still needed to protect the ends of fingers and toes. The soft skin at the ends of fingers cannot grasp objects as easily without the benefit of fingernails. Toes would be more prone to damage if the toenails, however thin they may be, weren’t there for safety.

Why do fingernails break?

Fingernails, like hair, are made from keratin. This is a strong protein that occurs naturally in your body. In fact, keratin is the primary protein in your skin and can be found throughout your internal organs, glands and tissues. Though this protein is tough, that doesn’t mean it cannot be damaged.

Many health issues cause nails to be prone to brittleness and breakage. Thyroid disease, liver disease, kidney disease, certain skin cancers and psoriasis are all common causes of weakened nails. Fingernails can also be weakened by external damage. Injuries and prolonged exposure to fluids can cause the structure of the nails to break down.

Nail Repair Gel

How can you keep nails healthy?

The best way to prevent brittle, broken nails is to keep your body healthy. Stay hydrated, eat healthy foods, get plenty of rest and exercise. A healthy body lends itself to healthy skin, hair and nails. You should also keep your hands as protected as possible. Wear gloves if working with chemicals. Avoid excessive exposure to moisture. Keep nails trimmed and clean at all times.

In addition to overall body health, you can focus on your nails by using a nail restoration and strengthening gel. Fingernail health relies on the right type of moisturizer that locks in hydration without damaging nails. Use nail restoration gel to prevent breaks by applying it over clean, clear fingernails. It creates a hard coating that protects your fingernails and toenails and encourages them to grow stronger.

How does nail restoration and strengthening gel work?

Nail restoration gel works as a restoration and preventative measure for broken nails. For nails that are already broken, the nail repair gel is applied to the nail at the point of the break. It provides a protective layer on top of the break or tear that allows the nail to heal without any harmful bacteria entering the torn area. The gel fills cracks and so you can immediately start the restoration process. You can use fingernail polish on top of the nail gel but it does need to be removed before you apply the next coat.

What if your nail has broken beyond the point of repair? The best solution is to use the strengthening gel on the nail as it grows. Apply the product twice each day until the nail completely grows out. It will come back stronger and healthier because you have treated it with care. You can then continue using the nail gel to keep all of your nails strong. After all, the easiest solution to broken nails is to avoid them!