How Do You Watch Your Kids While You’re Having A Pamper Session At Home?

Taking time off your regular duties to decompress and re-energize is highly commendable for your physical and mental health. The last thing you’d want is for your kids to ruin your relaxing time by having to monitor their every move or attend to their needs all through.

It would be best if you had as much time for yourself as you can afford while still ensuring their safety and well-being. To eliminate the need to keep getting out of your comfort to check on them, install some cameras from in the house. That way, you can monitor their activities from wherever you are and only intervene when necessary. Here are tips to help you watch your kids while having a pamper session at home.

Keep Them Occupied

Kids easily get bored from inactivity, which can turn them problematic or overly nagging. While you aim to have a peaceful, relaxing time at home, you must keep them busy doing things they enjoy.

Some great ideas would be creating a table and chair setup for arts and crafts to light up their creativity. Provide them with crayons (washable), coloring books, and kid crafts they can mimic or figure out how to color independently.

Add some kinetic sand and a chalkboard wall in their playing space. Entertain your kids with a chalk board find  dog stencils here. These will catch their attention for some time and improve their concentration habits.

Jewelry-making is another fun option to keep them engaged throughout the session. Get them colorful beads and a string, and let them explore their creative minds. Have them make bracelets, necklaces, or other accessories they can wear. It’s a fun way to create a quiet environment and keep kids engaged with constructive activities.

Engage in Fulfilling Activities Together

Locking your kids away during your pamper session might make them feel isolated and anxious. Involve them in fun activities to make it a family bonding time. If you treat yourself to snacks, set aside some drinks and food for them.

You can also set up a pedicure space for them besides yours. Fill basins with warm water with Epsom salt to make it relaxing. Add a nail polish section with a nail buff, cuticle clippers, clippers oil, and an exfoliating scrub to rub their feet.

In addition you can consider reading together or join them in their art and craft. Choose a suitable audio book or a physical copy they’d find interesting, and spend some time reading together and explaining it to them. If you choose to color together, give them challenge exercises to complete while you guide them when stuck.

Keep Them Safe from Getting Hurt

Ensure everything in their playing space is sturdy and stable, so there’s nothing that will fall on them or break easily. Keep delicate things away from areas they might reach, such as couches or beds. Make sure there aren’t any loose items or dangerous objects such as knives or scissors.

Also, ensure there’s enough space for your children to move around freely, so they don’t feel like they’re being crowded. It’s a good idea to turn the living room or one of the big bedrooms into a play area for your kids. It will give them extra freedom and comfort while giving you more time to relax.

As they play, set rules to let them know what they should and shouldn’t do and the consequences if they don’t follow. Also, lock up sensitive areas like the kitchen or store where they could cause trouble if they get unsupervised access.

If they play outside, set boundaries for them on the areas they shouldn’t go. Keep checking them after some time, and don’t leave them unsupervised for too long.

Set up the Play Area in Advance

Prepare a play space a day or some hours before, so you can have your time uninterrupted while still aware of the kids’ wellbeing. The best way to set up play space for kids at home is to provide a variety of activities. The more choices they have, the more likely they will discover something that interests them.

Find a safe and comfortable area with plenty of room for movement and play (and the ability to get away from it when necessary). Find an indoor and outdoor spot to give them the freedom to play from wherever they want.

Outside, you can keep them busy with childhood toys like hula hoops, balls, and jump ropes for a simple, fun time. Add the fun with a set of activity cones they can use for their made-up games, obstacle courses, and a batch of other ways. If you have children who are very active in their play, consider setting up a small gym area, too–this could include trampolines, balance beams, and other fun equipment to bounce on.

For the indoors, gather their toys, play equipment, and other things that could hook them up, like kids’ books. You can also add an indoor jungle gym to keep them physically active.

Keeps Your Kids Happy and Engaged During Your Pampering Session

Watching every move the kids make while trying to relax is extremely difficult. But having kids doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have time for yourself to decompress. After an exhausting work period, you can take some time off and recuperate.

Make it a Group Pampering Day

Pamper sessions are a great way to unwind and relax, but what do you do with your kids? One solution is to invite friends over and turn it into a group session. This way, your kids can play with their friends while you indulge in some self-care. Make sure to set clear boundaries and rules beforehand, so that everyone knows what to expect. You can also assign a responsible adult to keep an eye on the children and ensure their safety.

Always Prepare the Snacks

If you’re planning on having a pamper session at home, it’s important to have a plan for keeping your kids occupied. One great strategy is to prepare snacks ahead of time. Have a variety of healthy options available so that your kids can choose what they want to eat without needing your help. This will not only keep them busy, but it will also help them feel empowered and independent.

Get Them on a Movie Marathon

Why not have a movie date together during your pamper session? Choose a family-friendly film that you can all enjoy and set it up in a comfortable spot in your home. Pop some popcorn, put on your face mask, and settle in for a cozy night in with your children. Not only will this give you the chance to relax and recharge, but it can also be a fun bonding experience for the whole family.

As you relax, let your kids enjoy their time as well by initiating some fun activities they can do. Prepare their play area and give them direction on what to do to minimize distractions or stressful situations if you leave them idle. Remember to check on them each now and then to make sure they’re fine.