How Do You Properly Take Care Of Your Teeth?

The teeth play a very important role in maintaining the structure of the face, chewing food for easy digestion, speaking clearly, and even smiling. As such, taking proper care of it is paramount.

Listed below are some ways one can take proper care of the teeth:

Regular Brushing

Regular brushing of your teeth is one of the most simple ways to care for your teeth. When brushing your teeth, you need to take note of how you hold your brush and most importantly, how you brush each section of the teeth. When brushing, you should position your brush in such a way that it is over your gum line at 45 degrees. This way both the gum line and the teeth get touched. Also, ensure you brush your teeth for at least two minutes before you decide to carry on with other bathing routines. Doing this helps to ensure that you cover most of the surfaces of your teeth. When you’re done brushing your teeth, then it’s time to focus on your tongue. You should brush the roof of the mouth and tongue surface thoroughly. This way you can be sure of getting rid of any bacteria that can cause bad breath.


Although a lot of people usually ignore flossing, that doesn’t change the fact that it’s one of the most important teeth care routines. According to research, 40% of the teeth surface is not touched during brushing. With flossing, you can rest assured that harmful substances that can’t be removed by regular brushing will get taken care of. In addition to this, flossing allows one to reach the deeper parts of the teeth that can’t be accessed by a toothbrush or a mouthwash. It is highly recommended that everyone should floss once a day at a minimum. Contact a reputable Family Dentist in Ventura for professional and complete dentistry services.

Book Regular Appointments With Dentists

Visiting a dental clinic like Asha Dental only when you feel pain in your teeth is not the right thing to do. It is highly recommended for everyone to have their oral health checked at least twice a year. During visits to dental offices, dentists make sure to identify problems that can affect the teeth greatly on time and take care of them. They also give their clients tips that help to ensure their oral health remains in a top-notch condition. Dentists are aware that dental abnormalities can also lead to issues in other parts of the body. For instance, a decaying tooth can lead to blood infections. Once they discover a problem, they will make sure to deal with it, in order to restore good health to that person.  Alternatively, if you want to better your smile, you can get dental care like veneers in oakbrook terrace.

Avoid Smoking Tobacco Or Drinking Alcohol

Staying away from tobacco is one of the few ways you can save your teeth from severe damages. Tobacco has been linked to debilitating periodontal diseases like oral cancer. There are many chemicals present in a cigarette. These chemicals affect the fragile cells in a smokers’ mouth significantly. As time goes on, the rest of a chronic tobacco product user will start to change color. A brown tinge is easily noticeable on the bottom part of the teeth. Also, the Nicotine present in cigarettes hinders gingival blood flow. This in turn makes smoker’s gums susceptible to illnesses and damages which can be highly irreversible. Aside from staying away from tobacco, it’s also crucial to abstain from alcohol. Excessive drinking of alcohol can cause the teeth to start decaying or lead to oral cancer. Alcohol also dries the mouth, resulting in a reduction in the amount of saliva produced and the ability of the body to fight diseases and other germs.

Eat Healthy Foods

Calcium is very important in teeth formation and development. So, it is necessary that one consumes healthy foods like milk, yogurt, orange juice, which are rich in vitamins and calcium. Vitamins deficiency in the body can put one at risk of oral health problems. Over time, a mineral called calcium phosphate which forms part of the teeth’ enamel can weaken and erode. By consuming foods that are rich in calcium one can slow down this degradation process.

Having read the tips above, you must have gotten an insight into the proper ways to best take care of your teeth.