How Dental Implants Can Restore and Preserve More Of Your Smile

The importance of oral hygiene and healthy gums is known since we as human beings started relying on our teeth to cut heat-treated meat and at the moment we became aware of their transiency when we started to intake sugar.

Of course, not all decay comes from what we eat, but how we take care of our teeth and our oral hygiene. Even sometimes, that is not enough as our routine and care are next to nothing if genetics gifted you fragile enamel and frail tooth nerves.

Luckily for many people, science is incontinently trying to improve our lives and quality of them and to everybody hiding away their smile because of the missing teeth – introducing dental implants!

The Technology Behind

A dental implant is basically an artificial tooth that looks exactly like your real, healthy tooth looked. It’s made of three original pieces that together form a replacement one:

  • The screw – made of titanium, it’s screwed deep into your gum tissue, where it welds securely and lastingly with your jawbone and creates a stiff and strong base that supports the other parts of the implant.
  • The abutment – works like a fastener between the screw and the crown
  • The crown – is always custom-made to fit perfectly, and it is the piece that you see and feel.

The process of implementation is completely safe, painless with local anesthesia, and done in a few steps so your gums, jaw, and mouth get used to the new implant. The procedure is always discussed with your stomatologist and should be done in the local ordination room.

New Trends

Dental artificial implementation is not a brand-new world – dentures, braces and bridges, implants too – but medicine keeps solving not only the problem of missing teeth but the causes and contraindications too.

Implants are generally safe and many people pass the required criteria for implants. However, if there are any conditions that require additional dental work then gum crafting is one of them. According to Gummy Smile Correction by Cutting Edge Periodontist, this surgical procedure has to be operated by a periodontist in order to correct gum recession or uneven gum line. Even further, gum recession needs to be treated as early as possible even if you’re not listed for the implants because root exposure leads to decay and eventually to losing the tooth. Prevention proves to be the best solution, again.

Overall Wellbeing

Losing a tooth (or teeth) is a direct path to a decrease in general life quality best described as losing your ability to eat and chew naturally. Yes, for decades people fixed this issue with dentures and bridges, but only think about having your teeth again in the form of a replacement one that looks, feels, and works just like a natural one.

Also, with a dental implant, you don’t have to worry about denture’s downsides such as popping or slippage, which gives you more food options to choose from without worrying about food getting stuck because of a denture or a bridge, or will they pop out if the food you consume is too chewy or crunchy.

Looking Younger

The inevitable truth is that as you lose a tooth as a result of aging, the risk of further tooth loss, jawbone deterioration, and facial collapse is sneakingly becoming reality, and all these do not just change the shape of your face but make you look older as well. Also, without a dental implant, surrounding teeth, without firm support, will tilt toward open space and eventually fall out.

Fortunately, your dentist can help you with the choice of placement and type of dental implants that bring the unique nature of your smile. Not only implants can make you look years younger than your chronological age by filling the gaps in your smiling guts and replacing missing teeth, but they preserve your smiling facial expression.

Boosting Confidence

Among the ones with losing teeth, loss of confidence is recognized too. This experience leaves you feeling a lot less confident and attractive but having an implant that looks and functions like a natural one, affects everything – from the restoration of your smile aesthetics to feeling more confident when you’re eating and socializing. Don’t hesitate to regain your confident smile back by consulting the dentist to discuss whether to polish your teeth or opt for Dental Implants in Colorado Springs.


A healthy, broad, fearless smile expresses confidence, optimism and forms good first impressions. Its effect on personal relationships and business partnerships are more than proven. Therefore, consult your doctor about health conditions, insurance, and financing in order to secure the obvious benefits of dental implants and the effect they can have on your confidence, lifestyle, and preservation of your smile. Whatever the reason for losing a tooth – age, neglect, lifestyle, or genetics – everybody has a right to a second chance to enlighten the room with their smile.