How Can Professional Cleaners Protect Themselves From COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected us in different ways and we all have to take certain precautions to avoid infection, but professional cleaners’, in particular, have to exert extra effort to stay safe. 

Professional cleaners will have to satisfy their clients, adhere to all regulations and restrictions regarding disinfecting and cleaning, and also be very careful when it comes to protecting themselves against the deadly virus. They must use antigen test kits like Healgen Lateral Flow Test Kit to ensure they are safe from the virus. If you happen to be one of these dedicated individuals, then there are a few things you should know to stay safe during these trying times. Here are some tips to help you do this.

Maintain Distance

Now that we’re in 2021, everyone must know by now how important it is to maintain distance to avoid getting infected. Unfortunately, though, not everyone understands the importance of maintaining distance. While putting on your mask and spraying alcohol on your personal effects is nothing short of important, some people still think that social distancing is not essential anymore, which is not true at all. By extension, some clients will neglect the fact that their professional cleaners need at least a 2-meter distance between them and anyone else on their property. Before stepping a foot into a client’s property, make sure that they understand the importance of maintaining a 2-meter distance between you and any of the residents to ensure the safety of all parties concerned.

Work When No One Is Around

Sometimes, a property owner might allow you to clean the property when no one is around to maintain the safety of all the residents. When contacting clients, the professional cleaning specialists at recommend asking them to schedule a day in which the property will be empty. You’d be surprised how many people would agree to this arrangement. After all, some people would go to extreme lengths just to avoid getting infected, and clearing the property before a professional cleaner starts doing their work shouldn’t be problematic at all. In addition to that, chemical fumes can be quite irritating or even dangerous if residents are not wearing appropriate protective attire. So, clearing the property before you start cleaning is a good idea both for you and your client.

Use the CDC- and EPA-Approved Products

Another way of ensuring your safety is making sure that you’re using the right products. After all, if a property is not well cleaned and disinfected, everyone on the premises, including you, will be in danger of contracting the virus, especially if an infected person was in that location beforehand. Make sure that you’re using products that adhere to the CDC’s guidelines. You can choose disinfectants that are on the lists of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). You should also follow instructions on the labels for optimal results. You must leave surfaces wet with disinfectant for a short period of time before wiping. Of course, take precautionary measures, such as ventilating the area and wearing protective gear. Professional cleaners from phs come equipped with all the necessary gear to protect themselves and do their work efficiently.

Clean Unoccupied Rooms Only

Sometimes, residents might not be able to clear the property before you start cleaning. In that case, you can either maintain social distance (maintain at least 2 meters between you and anyone else on the property) or you can simply start cleaning while the residents stay in another room just until you finish your work, then you can offer to clean the room they occupied on your next visit. In any case, there are multiple ways you can keep a safe distance away from residents, so make sure that you adhere to any of these methods to protect yourself against the virus.

Always Wear PPE

Always Wear PPE

While PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is crucial to prevent coronavirus from spreading, they are particularly important for professional cleaners. Under no circumstances should you remove your PPE while cleaning, disinfecting, or taking out the trash. Face masks can minimize the spread of the virus, but you might also need extra equipment, like nitrile gloves, eye protection or using a disposable gown or apron in case you’re using harsh chemicals. It is also important to know what do nitrile gloves protect against, as well as the other protective equipment. Disposing of your PPE is equally important as well, so make sure that you’re removing your gloves and any other protective equipment and be careful not to touch their surfaces. Store your used PPE in a disposal trash bag, throw them away then wash your hands thoroughly. Make sure that you’re storing cleaning chemicals in a safe area and that they’re properly labeled to avoid any accidents.

When it comes to cleaning and disinfecting, you can find plenty of information online, so make sure you’re up to date with all of this information to make your job safer and easier. Be extremely careful when cleaning and disinfecting a property with a confirmed COVID-19 case, always wear your PPE, and maintain your hygiene at all times.