How can I reduce my mileage?

It’s believed that mileage can determine the lifespan of a vehicle. High numbers on the odometer are associated with a shorter lifespan. Nonetheless, there are many parts of a vehicle, the mileage still remains as one of the main determinants of the whole maintenance condition. Covering more miles definitely means more wear and tear. Given the importance of mileage, I guess the most frequently asked question for any driver is how to reduce mileage. The question becomes more active for some individuals planning to sell their cars.

Due to high demand, there are many kinds of tools to reduce miles on auto. One of the ethical and truthful ways to reduce miles on a car is the odometer blocker from Below we will review odometer devices and find out how to choose the ethical option out of the big variety!

What distinguishes car mileage blocker from other tools?

As usual the main idea of reducing miles on the odometer, is to earn more profit out of the selling. For that reason, there appeared many ethical and unethical tools for reducing mileage data.

There are some rollback and correction tools that can reset kilometer data. Remember, using such tools can solely remove the mileage figures from odometers. However, cars have multiple data storage units, and rolling back still fails to reverse mileage altogether. Besides, such fraudulent activity is easily detected and may cause fines.

The only trustful and legal way to avoid extra miles on a car is the  odometer blocker purchased at

How to reduce mileage by using the odometer blocker?

Nonetheless, the odometer blocker from doesn’t change the mileage data, you can use it to reduce miles. For instance, you can switch on the odometer blocker while testing the vehicle’s performance and avoid counting extra miles covered during the test.

Is it legal to use the mileage stopper?

Compared to other devices, the mileage stopper is legal, as it doesn’t change any data at the odometer. Be aware, the tool is appropriate only for testing and tuning purposes, and should not be used on public roads.

Kilometer stopper specifications

Kilometer stopper from avoids errors on the dashboard. It keeps chosen settings and you don’t need to set it up again after removal. Besides, you can activate/deactivate the tool while in motion.

Mileage blocker installation

The plug-and-play mileage blocker module can be easily installed by DIY instruction. Simply plug it between the port of the speedometer and the instrument cluster and that’s it!

Mileage programmer compatibility

At programmers write software specifically for each maker and model to make sure that it works flawlessly. Hence, you will easily find an appropriate mileage programmer for your auto.


All in all, most individuals use unethical tools for reducing mileage, but still, there is an ethical way to avoid extra miles. Nonetheless, the mileage blocker doesn’t change any existing data on the odometer, you can use it while testing a vehicle. With the help of the tool, you can indirectly reduce mileage and avoid adding extra miles covered during the test.