How Can CBD Help Moms Deal With PTSD Better?

It has been a tough couple of years for many, especially young parents. Being disconnected from families and raising a child on your own can get exhausting when you don’t have a support system. The lockdowns that ensued since last year have kept everyone on edge, giving rise to many mental health disorders in increased numbers. One such disorder that is not spoken about more often and helped is postpartum depression. Motherhood is quite a transition and it can be difficult to spot when things aren’t quite right. However, one medicinal substance is making its name in helping these struggling moms find peace and look after their mental health while raising a child. CBD is helping save lives and healing the moms going through such experiences. Want to know how? Keep reading our blog!

Benefits of CBD supplements to mothers with postpartum depression

  • Relief from overwhelm: A general sense of emotional and mental overload takes up space for someone going through postpartum depression. This could also feel like being numb or feeling low constantly. By using CBD oil and supplements found easily on wccannabis, new mothers can experience relief through help in emotional regulation.
  • Better Sleep: Losing sleep is part of early parenthood, but what about not being able to sleep at all or being riddled with nightmares? Insomnia and night terrors are a few things new moms experience when going through postpartum depression. It is often laced with stress and anxiety, which can be helped using prescription cannabinoids.
  • Helps them be in the present: A depressed mind is either looking at the past or being anxious about the future. Treatment for postpartum depression consists of therapy and also the use of medication. Using CBD oil and supplements has no side effects that one may perceive such as feeling zoned out, drowsy or inebriated. Instead, it brings them to the present moment, helping them focus on the current experience with their child.

Postpartum depression and the struggle of diagnosis

Many new moms struggling with postpartum depression often suffer in silence because they may not realise it themselves. After all, most of the time is spent doting on the newborn with very little time to rest. However, when being a new mom is supposed to feel happy and excited, many mums feel like they’re struggling to stay afloat.

This is one of the most common descriptions of how postpartum depression is detected, which is unfortunate because they have to go through so much alone and in their minds. However, once the diagnosis is made, they can start receiving help, which can involve medication, if necessary. CBD is one of the new additions that more and more medical professionals are playing for prescribed use with postpartum depression.

Wrapping Up

As complex as postpartum depression is, there are many more people raising awareness about it, which is helping new moms ask for support and get the help they need. If you or a loved one experiencing postpartum depression were suggested to use CBD and were faced with apprehension, we hope that our blog could ease your mind and open a new doorway to healing.