Hosting an event: a good garden checklist

When it comes to your loved ones and the people who matter in your life, there’s never a chore or task too big to make them happy and help to provide them with new memories and unforgettable experiences. And if you’re fortunate enough to have the space in your yard to celebrate a happy occasion, it’s probably your job to be the host and have all of your favorite people over to have a good time. But have you got everything prepared and ready to make that next big event an all-time great one? Stick to this good garden checklist to be sure.

Declutter and decorate before you go any further

The sooner you get that inevitable big clean out of the way, the sooner you can plan out the perfect place to host your upcoming event. Declutter the shed, drag out and powerwash your patio furniture, and give your entire pathway a good hard scrub.

Consider the right plants for the occasion

This can make a huge difference to the overall ambiance and look of an event, especially if the occasion is a spring wedding or an anniversary. To accentuate that romantic and timeless feel, consider planting one of the varieties of redbud trees available. These vibrant and fast-growing beauties will bloom stunning pink heart-shaped petals, giving each picture you take in your garden a timeless reminder of a beautiful moment.

Remove the weeds and crowded plants

Gardening is funny at times, and when an upcoming event is near, you may find yourself overly critical of how crowded and busy your garden looks. And inevitably, during the inspections of your soil and flowerbeds, you’ll encounter lifeless plants and pesky weeds.

If you’re concerned about doing this part safely and without damaging any of your healthy plants, it may be worth calling in an expert before the big occasion to assist you with this.

Create a good space for people to congregate

Hosting an event is a thankless task. But if you’re offering up your garden for a big celebration, chances are that all you really care about is making sure everyone has a good time.

The fastest way to achieve this? Make sure there’s plenty of space to have a great time in the center of your garden! Creating a warm and inviting middle to a well-maintained garden will create the ideal stage for others to congregate and make long-lasting memories.

Light up dangerous areas of the garden

The last thing you need after an event is drawing to a close is to hear the splash or clatter of a guest falling over in the darkness. And with so many dangerous corners and edges to worry about, your lighting needs to be a priority.

Try to get the perfect combination of a warm and intimate hue during the main part of the ceremony/celebration/event itself, and then when it’s time to chat and dance and drink the night away, be sure to get the lights up a little more for the sake of safety.