Holidays Are Good for Road Trips! – 5 Fun Car Games for Kids to Keep them Entertained on the Car Ride

Ok, so holidays are here, and you want to go on vacation with your family. Your kids are thrilled by the idea of going on a trip, but all you think about now is all the “Are we there yet? or “How long it’s going to take until we can play on the beach?” or “Mom, I’m bored, I want to go home.” Does this sound familiar to you? It comes from the backseat of the car while you’re on a road trip with kids. But don’t worry, you are not the only one going through this. Traveling with kids can be annoying, and you’re not supposed to blame yourself for feeling this way. Even a short car ride can become impatient. 

Lucky for you, we’ve gathered some of the best car games for you, so you can go to your destination less stressed. Here are 5 games to play in the car while you are on the road with your kids

Transform your backseat into a theatre

If you’ve ever went on a long drive with your children, the you must know that you’ve got two options:

  • Find a way to make the atmosphere more fun and bearable.
  • Submit to the soundtrack “Are we there yet?”. 

The obvious solution is to shove a tablet into your kid’s hands, but not even Tom&Jerry will distract your kid for too long. But real moms find more clever ways to keep their kids occupied for long hours. If you have a car with safety features to give you peace of mind while on the road, it’s even better. You can turn your backseat into a movie theater! 

It’s a great idea for moms to transform their cars into a cinema while they’re on the road with their children. Let your kid choose the movie for everyone to watch together. Obviously, without the driver. Pack some popcorn, and introduce your kids a new way of having fun while you’re on the road. It’s an excellent way to survive road trips with kids, while allowing them to feel better. 

Fun car games to plat in the care with your kids

There’s nothing like jumping in the car and head off to a trip adventure! You packed everything, put the kids in the back seat, and hit the road! But after a short while, you start to hear the most annoying thing ever: “I’m hungry”, I’m bored”, “Are we there yet?”. 

It is a real fact that 25% of parents avoid bringing their kids on family holidays because of the stress of traveling with them, and 6% of families choose to return home earlier. 

While traveling, it’s quite normal that not everything will work according to your plans. Things could go wrong, but parents make a mistake and focus too much on the bigger picture. Kids have the ability to open their eyes and mind to many things. Family holidays should not be avoided. The secret comes down to one thing: Be prepared! It means that you should think ahead and pack for any eventuality. Bring with you snacks, water, the iPad, the iPad charger, audio books, books from the library, and some other road car games that are sure to entertain your kids. So, for this reason, we’ve put some ideas together for you when you need to keep your kids busy.

1. I spy

This is a classic car game for kids, and it’s super easy. It will definitely keep your kids entertained for quite a while. The game goes like this: One person starts to say “I spy with my eyes, something beginning with the letter…B” (or any other letter). Or you could say “I spy with my small eye something…red (or any other color). The others will have to try and guess what it is. It’s just as simple as that! A great game for road trips with kids.

2. Bingo

Bingo is a fun game to play with your kids in the car, but you will need pen and paper. Start to write down a list of at least twenty objects you see along the way during your trip. For example: restaurant, person, cat, bike, and so on. Everyone must keep their eyes out the car’s windows searching for these objects. The first person who cross them off says “BINGO” and wins. This is a very fun game to play in the car on a long road. 

3. Who am I?

This game is interesting because it will make the kids focus more. It goes like this: a person thinks of an animal or a person. The other ones need to ask questions in order to guess what they’re thinking about. The one that guesses correctly is the person who thinks of the next person or animal for the others to guess. 

4. Joker

Absolutely everyone loves this good game! You need to tell your favorite funny jokes. Knock-knock jokes are easy, quick, and perfect for kids. Some of the jokes can be really funny, while others might make you roll your eyes, but they’re fun for the kids. That’s the main purpose: to make your kids love the game to keep them entertained. 


  • Knock, knock.
  • Who’s there?
  • Alpaca.
  • Alpaca who?
  • Alpaca the luggage, you load up the car!

5. Alphabet race

This is another fun game to play in the car which includes searching your surroundings. Kids will have the alphabet written down on paper. Now, look out the car’s window and when they spot something, they will write it down to the letter. The first person who finishes the alphabet wins. This game is very competitive, so it will definitely keep your kids entertained during the trip. 

As you can see, these are some car games for kids to keep them entertained on road trips. Do you have any other cool game in mind to share with your k