Here’s How To Dress Appropriately For A Job Interview

Whether you’re looking for your first job or trying to further your career with a step up, the interview can be the most daunting part. You spent hours searching for jobs, writing applications, and crafting the perfect personal statement. But, now, it’s time for the interview stage.


Although your application says a lot about you and everyone interviewing you has probably had a good read, the interview still acts as a first impression. You need to convince your future employers that you are the perfect person for the job, so you need to look the part. Worried about what to wear? Here’s how to dress appropriately for a job interview.

Research The Company

You have probably already researched the company greatly before making an application in the first place, but it’s time to dig a little deeper now. See if you can find the company’s dress code online. Failing that, search through images on the company site or image searches to see if you can see any of their employees and how they are dressed.

Different companies expect different appearances from their employees, so research is one of the best ways to prepare how you’re going to look. For example, if they are a strict, old school company where you see no visible tattoos or piercings, make sure you have yours hidden or worn discreetly. Some companies don’t care about those kinds of things, but if you’ve chosen a career where appearance is key, you need to make sure you reach their expectations.

Overdress Rather Than Underdress

If you can’t find much information about the company or how they present themselves online, it may be worth overdressing rather than underdressing. As this site shows, there are plenty of gorgeous options for making yourself look extra smart, should you wish to. It is better to look a little too smart and impress your potential future boss, rather than a little underwhelming. You can always tone it down later to fit in a little better. Nowadays, many companies do have a much more relaxed office attire than ever before, but it doesn’t hurt to turn up looking sharp.

Tips for Men

What’s the best way for men to dress when attending a job interview? Let’s stick with smart to begin with. Men should always default to wearing a suit at an interview. Go for a solid, block-colored suit, smart and simple, to impress your new team. Pair this with your favourite shirt, making sure the colours don’t clash. White or off-white shirts suit navy, black, and grey suits alike.

Accessorize with a sharp tie, cufflinks and even socks that match your tie or shirt. Your shoes should be smart, too, and match the color of your belt. Ideally, brown shoes and belt with grey suit, and black on black otherwise.

Tips for Women

For ladies, a smart interview can mean a variety of different clothing. There are far more basic options than there are for men. You need to make sure whatever you choose is comfortable and makes you confident, while also looking professional and smart at the same time.

For women, the main options include a pantsuit, skirt, and shirt, or dress. If you go with a suit, the advice is similar to the men’s. Coordinate color, accessorize well and match the shoes to the suit. The same applies to the skirt and shirt combo. In either case, make sure the shirt isn’t too revealing and looks professional. If you go for a dress, go for something simple, smart, and elegant, rather than a party or cocktail-type dress.

Casual Workplace Interview Attire

As mentioned, many companies these days are far more relaxed. You don’t see many tech companies where the workforce is all in matching suits and shoes. Instead, people are allowed to work in whatever they feel comfortable in, whether that’s t-shirts and jeans or button-down shirts with jackets.

In these situations, if you know that this is how the company presents itself, you’ll probably feel more comfortable dressing more like the workforce. Make sure your chosen clothing fits well, isn’t tired and old, and has no offensive or questionable slogans on it. You want to show that you’re confident and comfortable, without being flashy or too different.

Then, the advice differs depending on where you’re choosing to pursue your career. If in doubt, dress nice and smart and make sure you look sharp. If you know it’s a dress-down company, just make sure you fit the bill appropriately. Either way, make sure you are properly prepared for your interview and arrive with a smile – first impressions count!