Helpful Resources You Need to Know About Before Your GRE Exam

Preparing for the next leap in your academic career? Numerous graduates every year are thinking about what their life will look like after they finish their undergraduate degree. It could look like finding work in the real world and beginning your career or it could mean spending some time off and traveling to enjoy yourself a little before you think about the next stage, but commonly it could mean a graduate program or school.

Graduate programs and schools help undergrads build upon their education and specialize their focuses to help them in numerous ways. It could allow you to take a Master’s program that leads to a Ph.D., law school, dental school, or medical school. There are plenty of reasons to go on the graduate student route. First, you need the tools to help you pass the GRE, which is the graduate record examination. Here are some resources to help you out.

Princeton Review Practice Exam

Princeton Review, being a division of, is one of the most premier resources for helping learn the GRE. Finding good practice tests for GRE is not hard, but the Princeton Review version is considered one of the best because of its accessibility. The questions are not as hard as some so the results can be slightly skewed, but overall it is a must-use resource for prospective graduate students of any discipline.

Kaplan Practice Exam

Kaplan is a tougher alternative to the Princeton Review practice exam. Practicing for the GRE should be difficult to a degree, which is what Kaplan provides. This amount of difficult material helps you learn better because the actual GRE is not as hard as some of these practice exams, so it can help you prepare with a higher learning curve. Check out a review on Kaplan vs Princeton GRE practice exam if you still can’t decide which one is best for your study needs.

McGraw-Hill Practice Exam

McGraw-Hill is a very popular publishing company for academic materials, so it is no surprise that they have their own version of this test available for practice. The physical copy of their material helps students prepare with a full mock exam, as well as giving an answer sheet for each question to help explain. This provides a very adequate amount of test prep.

McGraw-Hill Practice Exam

Manhattan Prep Practice Exam

Along with Kaplan and Princeton Review, the Manhattan Prep practice exam is among the most lauded options available for prepping for the real GRE test. Where Manhattan Preps exceeds is in the fact that it is very easy to complete with good quality material. It takes about 3 hours, but the test gives you ample feedback on performance to help you understand your question-answering ability as well as logic.

GRE Tutors

There are plenty of prep tests available in physical format and online, but sometimes you need a person to help walk you through. GRE tutors should be available through your school and through other third-party organizations. It could be beneficial to have a real person act as your proctor to help you prepare and learn the ins and outs of the GRE.

Figuring out where to go after graduation is one of life’s biggest questions for a young adult. Some choose to jump into the workforce, others travel, and others would like to remain in academia. If you are someone who foresees a life in school beyond your undergraduate, then these resources will help you prepare for the GRE.