Handy Gift Ideas That Will Make Elderly People Happy

The lives of many of our elderly can be characterized as lonely and miserable. This, unfortunately, is commonplace throughout the world and owes largely to the fact that our fast-paced lives afford very little time to be spent with those we love. The isolation and loneliness of many of our elderly are heartbreaking, and while I’m sure many of us have good intentions and do go out of our way to see elderly relatives, loved ones, or family friends, many do not. But, if you find yourself unable to spend time with or regularly see an elderly relative, that doesn’t mean you still cannot make them happy.

This page will hope to tell you a few handy gift ideas that you can use to make your elderly loved ones, family friends, or relatives happy. A gift or two is certain to bring a smile to an elderly person’s face – and it is a great way for you to let them know that despite not being able to see them, you still think about them. For many elderly people, their worst fear is being forgotten, and for many, as long as you assure them you are well-aware that they exist and that they are in your thoughts, they will find it sufficient.

Here are a few handy gift ideas that will make elderly people happy.

Around the House Additions

Many old people find themselves unable to do things for themselves that they would have once been able to. This, for many elderly people, is a nightmare, but at the same time, they do not want to become reliant on anybody and thus refuse to have a live-in carer or somebody to watch and look after them. Because of this, it might be necessary for you to make additions to their home under the pretense of ‘gifts’ to make their lives easier and ensure they are not putting themselves at risk. We have compiled some of the best of these so that you can ensure your loved ones are happy – and safe.

Raised Toilet Seats

Many elderly people find themselves stricken with mobility issues and health conditions that restrict ordinary movement, such as arthritis. Because of mobility issues, elderly people may not be able to go to the bathroom like they were once able to and may find themselves struggling to stand up when they’re finished on the toilet. A solution to this problem is a raised toilet seat, a raised toilet seat can not only make their life safer, but can allow them more freedom, and improve their quality of life. If you are looking for a gift for an elderly relative – perhaps a raised toilet seat could be what you are looking for.


Chairlifts can allow your elderly relatives or loved ones the ability to go up and down the stairs in their own home without the need for a carer or a person present to help them get up and down safely. Chairlifts can be very expensive and are very often out of the budget of elderly people, but this is where you can come to the rescue. Paying for and having a chairlift installed for your elderly relative is sure to put a smile on their face, and it will mean that they do not need a carer and can still maintain a level of independence that otherwise would not be afforded to them. Chairlifts are a great gift and one that will be highly appreciated by your elderly loved ones [no pun intended].

Ordinary Gifts

Moving on from at-home accessories and onto ordinary gifts, we will now discuss a few gifts that you can give to an elderly person to make them smile. When selecting gifts for elderly people, think practical; not only should you aim to please them and make them smile, but you should give them something that will benefit them in some way. Here are a few potential gift ideas:

Three Wheel Rollators

Keeping with the spirit of practicality, have you considered gifting your elderly loved one a three-wheeled rollator? Three-wheel rollators allow elderly people to still move around freely without having to rely upon carer’s or people to help them travel and can give them their independence back, which is a sentiment shared by the mobility specialists from UpliftingMobility.com, who express that these rollers can also help an elderly person to live a fulfilled and stable life. These rollers are a great gift for any elderly person, and one you should seriously consider to brighten up their day.


Many elderly people are completely disconnected from the world and are out of touch with what is going on around them. Gifting an elderly person a smartphone will allow them to get in touch with the world, and it will allow them to get into contact with you anytime they should want to. With video calling being present on more or less every single smartphone available on the market, you will be able to video call and keep up to date with your loved ones daily. This makes it much easier to speak to them and see them than it would be otherwise, as pre-smartphones you would be reliant on physical visits and trips to their house. Definitely consider a smartphone as a gift.

Meal Subscription Services

Many elderly people struggle to cook for themselves and rely on simple meals or carers to cook for them. Paying for a subscription meal service for your elderly loved one could be a great gift and could ensure that they receive daily hot meals that will nourish them and put a smile on their faces. These services are often very cheap and will ensure your loved one receives all of the nutrition that they need to sustain themselves and to live a healthy lifestyle – making the most out of their lives in their declining years.

With the help of this page, you now know a few gifts that you can gift to an elderly loved one to put a smile on their face and help them out. Many of the gifts on this page are very cheap compared to how much satisfaction and security they will provide – so don’t skimp out.