Guide to Picking Music for Special Events and Occasions

Throwing a party for special events and occasions means so many preparations. You have to think of the budget, the food choices, the cake, the theme, the decorations, the people you’re going to invite, and of course, your music playlist. Whatever you’re celebrating, you can have the perfect playlist and song choices through this song guide. Read on to discover the songs to play for your events

Children’s birthdays and graduation

Birthdays and graduations are big milestones for a child’s life. It means so much for them to celebrate it and look forward to it to keep their excitement and zest for life alive. For your child’s special day, you can play some songs that will fit the occasion. The party may be a gift or a surprise, but one with good music will surely put people in the mood to celebrate your child.

Look here for great song choices for your child’s first birthday, daughter’s 16th birthday, and your children’s graduation.

Adults’ birthdays

An adult party wouldn’t be complete without music because it’s what gives life to an event. If you’re planning a party for a friend or for a family member, check out these song ideas that will keep the party going on. There are great choices perfect for celebrants who are in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s.

For child

Parental love is one of the greatest kind of love here on earth. And if you love your kids so much, it will surely be a joy for you to dedicate suitable songs for your children. You may play them on their special day, or maybe sing it to them out from the heart. Some of these songs are from a mother’s perspective; some are from fathers’; some are for boys, and some are for girls.

For wife

If you’re a husband and you want to celebrate a special day with your wife – whether it’s an anniversary, an intimate birthday celebration, or a simple “wife appreciation day” – make sure there’s musical accompaniment, featuring touching love songs. If you’re looking for the best songs to dedicate to your wife, check out this list and serenade her.

For husband

Your loving husband deserves to be given a tribute and to make them feel special. Men may react in a different way than women, but if you make a touching gesture with a romantic background music, your husband will get so delighted from the inside and fall in love with you all over again.

For parents and children

There’s no greater joy than making your family feel loved, appreciated, and secured. If you want to dedicate special songs for your parents or for your children at a party or on a regular day, here are some nice songs to play.

For moms

For Mother’s Day celebration, touch the heart of your mom (and other moms in your life) with these fantastic songs  that feature and celebrate how brave and admirable a mom’s job is.

50’s-themed party

Holding a 50’s-themed party for the crowd, here are some of the best songs we can recommend. These are some hit songs of the era that your guests can dance to or sing along with.

70’s-themed party

Disco, funk, jazz, and soul are the popular genres of the 70s. If you’re throwing a 70’s-themed party soon, here are some great music of the era to play and listen to. Your friends will surely get nostalgic through your songs.

80’s-themed party

The ’80s was an exciting era for a lot of people. During this decade, the music industry gave birth to some of the greatest pop songs and karaoke songs still enjoyed by people until today. The ’80s was a powerhouse, making it a powerful theme for your party. Here are some of the greatest hits that are perfect for playing for an 80’s themed party.

90’s-themed party

Looking to revive the glory days of the ’90s? This is an exciting theme to pick for a party because there’s just so many hairstyles, fashion statements, and of course, song choices to pick. These are some of the best 90’s songs that will surely bring life to your party.

Beach party

The sound of the ocean waves is relaxing in itself, but if you’re holding a beach party, you may want to put some summer swag into the occasion. If you want to celebrate the beach life, or if you simply want to listen to beach tunes while you’re on the shore, check out this good-time playlist .