Growing Up Seems So Hard and Songs That Can Help

Ever since we were able to think, we have been looking towards the future. We imagine what our job would be, what we look like, and the type of person we want to become. Without even knowing it, we already set expectations on ourselves at a very young age because everything seems possible. As we were untainted by the realities and harshness of the world, we believe this.

When we were young, adults seem to have it all. They can drive, drink coffee, drink alcohol, dye their hair, go home at any time they wanted without a curfew – we wanted that kind of freedom. But when we do start to get older, we realize that it’s not all about freedom. There are advantages to the freedom that came with adulthood, but there comes responsibility.

What Does a “Grown-Up” Mean?

In the most basic sense, a grown-up is an adult, but not all adults feel like they’re grown-ups. It’s a subjective subject, and no two people will agree completely. Both childhood and adulthood have a biological component, but it’s also largely cultural and based on social constructs. While we can’t specifically define what a grown-up is, we can list some of the traits associated with being a grown-up or a mature person.

A grown-up has personal responsibility. They possess the responsibility of sustaining themselves and their dependents. They show up when they are needed, carry out the things they promised to do, and own up to their mistakes.

They embrace the role of a creator. They contribute to the world around them rather than only consuming and sampling others’ fruits of labor. They build things and create their own destiny.

Grown-ups are self-reliant. It doesn’t mean they don’t ask for help, but they are not primarily dependent on other people to survive and live a quality kind of life. Instead, they can be relied on and depended on, not just by their children, but as a leader and friend. A matured grown-up can be depended on guidance or simply doing what is expected of them, be it in business, in the military, at home, and so on.

They delay gratification and knows how to sacrifice a smaller reward today for the greater good of things down the line. Adults plan for them and set long-term goals. They do not consume and spend everything they have today because they know to stock up for the inevitable things that may happen in the coming days. They have self-control and do not act on impulse. They decide how to react and how to continue, rather than being the victims of circumstances.

They operate with critical thinking skills. They are not easily duped, and they do not give their trust very easily. Grown-ups are able to evaluate the evidence for truth, parse information, make connections between ideas, and grapple with complexity.

The Realities with Growing Up

Let’s face it – adulthood sucks. It feels ideal when we were younger, but when we grew older and had more responsibilities, we missed being a child. It’s a hard knock life. Our expectations of adulthood doesn’t match the reality of what we experience. Growing old is inevitable, but growing up means you have to mature and have more wisdom.

No one truly knows how to adult, and we just figure it out along the way. We take chances and hope for the best. We face responsibilities and sort out solutions. We are faced with many choices, and we may not know where it leads to, but we have to deal with whatever consequences or results our choices may have.

When we were younger, our parents and teachers encourage us to chase our dreams. But they don’t always tell us how hard it is to achieve those dreams. It may take a lot of self-sacrifices and a ton of work, and it may still not work out in the end. Sometimes we are forced to choose something we don’t really want because it benefits others.

While growing up can be painful, it’s up to us how we handle ourselves. Take those experiences and let it shape you into being smarter, stronger, and better. Keep your mind open, and be receptive to more knowledge.

Meaningful Songs About Growing Up

Growing up comes with challenges, and we are to overcome obstacles and hard times. These are meaningful songs that will keep you fighting and remind you of the resilience that you have within you. Here are some inspirational music for growing up:

1. It’s My Life—Bon Jovi

2. Fighter—Christina Aguilera

3. Breakaway – Kelly Clarkson

4. Somewhere I Belong – Linkin Park

5. Fix You – Coldplay

6. Hold On – Good Charlotte

7. You Gotta Be—Des’ ree

8. Keep Your Head Up — Andy Grammer

9. Do Better — Say Anything

10. Go the Distance —Michael Bolton

11. Family Portrait – Pink

12. Sweet Child O’ Mine – Guns N’ Roses

13. Bring Me to Life – Evanescence

14. Keep Holding On — Avril Lavigne

15. Gotta Go My Own Way – Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron

16. Oh Father – Madonna

17. Hakuna Matata – Nathan Lane, Ernie Sabella, Jason Weaver & Joseph Williams

18. This Song Saved My Life – Simple Plan

19. Behind These Hazel Eyes – Kelly Clarkson

20. No Love – Eminem feat. Lil Wayne

21. Disarm – The Smashing Pumpkins

22. That I Would Be Good – Alanis Morissette

23. I’m Still Standing — Elton John

24. Because Of You – Kelly Clarkson

25. A Broken Wing – Martina McBride

26. The Comeback — Danny Gokey

27. It’s Not Over Yet — For King and Country

28. Rise —Katy Perry

29. Fight Song — Rachel Platten

30. Hero — Mariah Carey

31. Rise Up — Andra Day

32. When You Believe — Whitney Houston duet with Mariah Carey

33. Hall of Fame —The Script feat.

34. Win —Brian McKnight

35. Let it Be —The Beatles

36. Don’t Stop Believing — Journey

37. Move Along — All American Rejects

38. The Show Must Go On — Queen

39. You Are Loved (Don’t Give Up) —Josh Groban

40. Pocketful of Sunshine— Natasha Bedingfield

41. I Can See Clearly Now —Johnny Nash

42. Up — Shania Twain

43. Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You) – Kelly Clarkson

44. Brave — Sara Bareilles

45. Shooting Star — Owl City

46. Brave —Idina Menzel

47. Hands on the Wheel — Beth Sass

48. Carry On —Fun

49. Long Promised Road —The Beach Boys

50. Eye of the Tiger —Survivor