Great Things You Can Do with a Recreational Vehicle

You’ve just invested in your dream vehicle. No, it’s not a new bike, or a new car,  or even a van. It’s an all singing, all dancing house on wheels. Your dreams of heading for the open road are coming true. Owning a motorhome, RV, can open up a wealth of opportunities with freedom at your fingertips (literally).

So what can you do with an RV?


If you fancy a life as a digital nomad then now is your time. Or you may be sick to the back teeth of extortionate house/rent prices and the ever-increasing price of living. You’ll be pleased to know that there are no rules against living in your RV. As long as it has an up to date MOT, tax, and the correct insurance then the world is your oyster.

With technology and connectivity driving the world’s industry like never before, there are few limitations when it comes to where we work. Unless you are planning on taking up permanent residence in your RV) residence in the depths of the jungle, most places, pubs, coffee shops, libraries, public spaces, etc will all have a Wi-Fi connection and electrical source so you’re pretty much good to go. What jobs would ideally fit into a nomadic lifestyle?

  • Photographer
  • Writer/blogger/editor
  • Sales

What better backdrop for a freelance photographer than the mountains of Switzerland, or the lakes of Windermere. Traveling and living in an RV would enhance the creative aspect of photography. Moving around the world presents daily opportunities to take amazing photos with the ability to contextualize each one. A symbiotic life of experience and making a living. Living as a digital nomad you will see incredible places and ‘learn from different cultures’ a truly unique experience.

Gone are the days when struggling writers needed a big typewriting contraption and endless hours of thinking. Today there are a plethora of writing/blogging/editing jobs and savvy technology to make it an easy and time-saving task. Writers are in great demand, so if you have a flair for a good story and natural affiliation with words and language, then freelance writing might be just the job to support your RV adventures.

Sales jobs come in a variety of different forms. Telesales, Call Centre Representatives, or Business Development Consultants are all able to fulfill their roles without being office-based. Something we have learned this year is that we can adapt, and many jobs can very successfully be done from home, and if you can do it from home, more often than not, it can be done from anywhere.

Whatever you want from an RV and whenever you embark upon your nomad adventure, be sure to do some research. You will want to plan what you will need to take with you, in terms of supplies, what you would need in case of emergency. Put together an ‘RV maintenance kit’ in case you encounter any mechanical problem. Having an ‘action plan’ will help you face your trip with confidence, the experts over at have some handy tips and guides for a stress-free trip, as well as suggestions for accessories to make a ‘home from home’ experience.



For most people that buy an RV, travel is their main priority. With onboard facilities that mirror any decent hotel or self-catering cottage, luxurious travel is right there with you as you hit the open road. Think of all the money you’ll save on accommodation. You may have planned your trip down to each minute detail,  or you may prefer a more free-spirited and spontaneous approach. Be sure that you can travel with confidence however you like to do it.

With the current restrictions on traveling due to a certain virus running riot in the world, this may be a little too much ‘teasing’ to read. But we all know that hope is on the horizon and so are your much-loved trips. What could you do now to ensure you are ready and raring to go when we are able?

Restore, Repair, Plan

Now is the ideal time to fix any issues that have cropped up with your RV. Since it is a mini home on wheels expect similar maintenance issues as your bricks and mortar house. Pipework problems, toilets, showers, leaky roofs, mechanical repairs are all considerations when maintaining your RV. Spend some time getting your RV spick and span in readiness for your next adventure.

Perhaps you recently purchased a second-hand RV and are looking at restoring it to its original glory; a worthwhile lockdown project. The joy of modern technology is that we can learn anything from that wonderful invention ‘YouTube’. Restoring an RV is satisfying and creates a sense of achievement.

Whatever you decide to do with your RV, I’m sure you’ll have many years ahead of making memories. Stay safe and happy (eventual) traveling. Plus, if you are worried about being a beginner, the multitude of locations to get Mobile Rv Repair Utah and other states offer will give you some extra peace of mind.