Golf Rangefinders Versus Golf GPS Devices – Which One Is Best?

You want to ensure that you have the appropriate tools to assist with improving your golf game, but it can be tricky to stay on top of the everchanging technologies. The two primary golf technologies utilized today are golf GPS systems and golf rangefinders. But which one is best?

More About Golf Rangefinders

A laser golf rangefinder can allow you to survey shots and enhance accuracy so that you can keep tabs of your score. How do they work?

A laser is emitted that bounces off the item that you are aiming to hit, for example, the pin. Then, the amount of time is measured for the laser to come back to the rangefinder. Utilizing the data, the distance to the target is promptly calculated, and the data delivered to your display screen. These simple technologies can have a significant impact on your game, offering you with the appropriate yardage to the definite targets. Most golf rangefinders are equipped with features including maximum range, course slope, and minimum range. Progressive golf rangefinders have various additional features, such as pin-seeking and magnification. Shock-resistant, sleek, and weatherproof constructions make rangefinder an excellent option for various conditions too. See here for the best golf rangefinder on the market.

More About Golf GPS Equipment

Many people are familiar with GPS technology for day-to-day life. In golf, GPS units provide influential size, distance, and obstacles on each pin and around each lie. These gadgets can provide you with a glimpse of the center, front, and back of the green. Your GPS can spot hazards ahead so that you can plan the shot accordingly. Also, most GPS gadgets are equipped with digital scorecards, displays, and statistics analysis. As with rangefinders, they are mostly compact, lightweight, and weatherproof. For hands-free convenience, you can opt for a wristwatch model. For larger display screens, you must buy a hand-held golf GPS system.

Technology On The Course

GPS units and golf rangefinders can be your secret weapon when playing the course. However, the question remains? How do you decide on which one is the best option according to your needs? Should you opt for a golf rangefinder, or is a golf GPS more suitable?

Golf Rangefinders Versus Golf GPS Units

If you’re knowledgeable about using a smartphone or point-and-shoot camera, then you will probably have no issue with operating the golf rangefinder. Golf GPS gadgets may necessitate downloading and installing a database about the particular course, and you may require additional set-up before the device is ready for hitting the links. Both GPS units and rangefinders have progressed over the years and have become especially user-friendly.

Even though the technology has enhanced, some laser rangefinders experience an issue with calculating over water, sand, and through the rain.

Elevation and slope measurements that are provided by rangefinders may be technically illegal under the USGA rules.

Bear in mind, golf technology and capabilities may be varied according to the product. For more information, it is useful always to consult the manufacturer’s information.