Glass Shower Cleaning Tips for a Perfect and Shiny Looking Bathroom

Installing glass shower doors is a brilliant idea to upgrade your bathroom.  When you first install it, you will find your bathroom with stunning beauty. This can perfectly lighten your space with a pure touch of elegance. However, only shower door installation is not the end of your task. If you’re not aware enough, something mess can happen. You may see soap scum accumulation, a spot of water stain, or mold built up on the glass surface. So suddenly, your bathroom glass may start losing its shine.

Still, there is a great scope to get the new look of the glass. Some great shower glass cleaning techniques can work effectively against the residue. So that you will get your glass doors sparkly clean removing the fogginess. You can contact Oh My Grout if you want to hire experts in tile regrouting and shower restoration.

When You Must Clean Glass Shower Without Further Delay?

It is better to clean the shower regularly. If you perform a light clean regularly, you will need the deep clean once a month. The bathroom is a very sensitive place. Once you are late, the dirt will be too hard to remove easily. You can perform a very light regular cleaning just after taking a shower. Then weekly you can clean with any cleaning agent. Finally, once a month, you will go for a deep clean. For deep cleaning, you can use a commercial glass cleaner for getting a professional outcome.

However, when you find hard water stains, soap scum, or mildew on glass corners or nooks built up, don’t waste time anymore. Not even a day after the observation. Your delay may create massive damage to your shower place. So, whenever you see that type of spot, step forward for a deep clean as soon as possible.

Simple Tips for a Clean and Shiny Looking Bathroom

Some tips can help you to always have a shiny bathroom. Here are several tips and you can choose the most preferable one for you.

Homemade Cleaning Solution

When you are making any homemade cleaning solution, remember that the mixture may smell very strong. However, the mixture will not be toxic enough like the commercial materials. You can use these cleaning solutions for the heavily used bathrooms as well.

To make the mixture, you will need dishwashing liquid soap, white vinegar, a spray bottle holding good quality funnel to pour the liquid solution.

Follow the procedure as below

  • Take ½ cup of white vinegar and heat it in the microwave for 80-90 seconds
  • Very carefully pour it on the spray bottle with the funnel
  • Add ½ cup of dishwashing liquid soap with vinegar using the funnel again
  • Put the spray bottle lid on and shake gently to mix-up the materials very well. Now it is ready to use.

Now, the cleaning solution is ready for cleaning your bathroom door. It is very easy to use. Spray the liquid onto the glass surface and on the glass edges. Wait for some minutes. Use a squeegee to rinse. You can also rub with a sponge and shower the glass surface with water. After cleaning, make it dry with a clean microfiber cloth. That’s it. If you follow the technique, the glass will stay sparkling just like new for a long time.

Baby Oil Hack

When multi-person uses a bathroom, you will see a heavy soap scum therefore using a lot of soap.  You can handle this terrible situation just with baby oil. Before using this, make sure that your bathroom door and wall glass are clean and perfectly dry.

Take a soft microfiber cloth or good quality paper towel. Pour baby oil just a nickel-sized on it. Run the cloth up and down throughout the shower door and walls. Try to rub perfectly so that you can leave a light oil coating on the surface. Don’t worry; it will not create any greasy look. For the created coating, the soap will not accumulate easily. So you will get your shower glass bright and clear.

Kitchen Product Hack

You can make a new search in your kitchen. Yes, some things work unbelievably for cleaning. Grapefruit is like this. However, to use this fruit for cleaning purposes, you will need some coarse kosher salt along with it. The procedure is very easy. Cut the grapefruit into two parts. Make a heavy coating of salt on it. Take a bowl with some spare salt. Scrub the grapefruit running it throughout the bathroom shower. If the salt is finished, take some more from the bowl. The acid of the fruit creates a supper cleaning agent along with the coarse salt. You can follow the procedure and get a perfectly clean bathroom without any chemicals.

Tips To Keep Your Glass Shower Enclosure Clean and Shiny

For any bathroom, glass can be a beautiful upgrade. For enjoying beauty entirely, it should be clean always. Here are a few tips to follow.

  • Choose shower glass with a good coating. This will help to protect the glass from the soap scum and hard water stain. Visit here to buy a coated glass for shower door
  • Use a squeegee to maintain shower glass. It will help to prevent any residual buildup from soap and water stain. Just after finishing your shower, use the squeegee for a light
  • You can use vinegar water for keeping your shower perfectly clean. Store some vinegar water in a spray bottle and use it frequently before the dirt accumulates.
  • The pro tip is to use a commercial glass cleaner. It is the easiest and time-saving way. You will have to just spray and wipe out. So that you will not be delayed in preparing the cleaning solution.
  • Keep the door open for some time in a day. If you let the air pass, you will not feel any odor in your bathroom.

It is very essential to maintain your bathroom very carefully. If you don’t know much how to do all these things, take professional help. Once you learn everything, then you can handle the cleaning issues by yourself.