Glass Pool Fencing in Sydney & New South Wales

When you’re wanting the right stylish fence for your swimming pool, you are going to probably want to choose what everybody else does – install a wooden privacy fence, right? In this guide, we’re going to follow a precious gem called “glass fencing” that has been around for a long time, and is now gaining popularity more and more as time progresses. By choosing a glass fence for your pool in the Sydney and New South Wales area, you can ensure you get the best fencing available. First we’ll tell you a little bit about glass pool fencing.

Choose the Right Framing

Choosing whether you want a frame or not is one of the most important tasks. If you have framing, this means your glass is going to be reinforced with rails between each pane of glass in order to make it stay in place and add a little bit of durability and support. The downside is this may lead to slightly difficult spots to see if you get railings that are too big than what you need. With the right touches though, it doesn’t take away from your glass fences’ beauty or quality. If you choose a frameless option, expect a full and clear view of everything in and around your pool. At the same time though, you’re going to have a slightly less durable fence.

Is Plexiglass an Option?

While some people think this is a viable option, as it’s definitely less expensive, plexiglass gets affected and stained by UV rays as well as salt and elements in the air and weather that will cause it to get clouded up. Unlike glass, it’s also possible to easily scratch plexiglass when you’re cleaning it, and while it may seem cheaper, you’re getting what you pay for because it’s not as durable or resourceful as regular safety glass.

Numerous Benefits

There are a ton of benefits that you can have when you get glass fencing. It can make your pool area and yard look builder, doesn’t block the views of your pool like other regular fences. It also is an excellent way to fit any landscaping design that you might have. Another good thing is that glass fences are more durable than people think they are, and they’re one of the best options for closing in your swimming pool in terms of safety that you can get in Australia. The glass is easily cleaned, and you can even let your kids have fun with glass fences compared to regular fences. Give them some bath soap crayons or washable window markers, dry erase markers, or bath paints and watch them have a blast!  You also want to make sure you have a top notch pentair chlorinator for your pool as well.


If you’re looking for one of the best options to choose from when it comes to glass fence installers, you can look towards Glass FX to be that option for you. They’ve got years of experience, and offer a service guarantee on all of their glass pool fence installations that includes service and hardware that they use. Also, they’ll provide your fence with the highest quality glass panes that meets Australian Standards of glass panes for industrial use, so you can ensure your fence meets all the requirements that are necessary. They’ll even professionally power wash it for free after they’re done installing it for you.