Girls: This 1-Minute Read Is a Quick Guide on How to Rock It in Casual Clothes

Looking terrific in casual style takes a bit more effort than simply putting on sweatpants and a baggy t-shirt haphazardly. Instead, choose pieces carefully and make a fashion statement with comfortable and chic adult apparel.

To start, steer clear of clothes that are too tight. On the other hand, you must avoid wearing clothes that are too baggy. Tight clothes make you look uncomfortable, which defeats the purpose of casual fashion.

Make sure to follow these two general rules in casual wear:

  • Form-fitting dresses or tight pants are best suited for a night out or a casual day spent relaxing.
  • Clothes that are too structured, such as rigid collars or well-defined shoulders, are typically best for dressy events.

1. Put on your favorite jeans

Weekends are the best time to put on your favorite jeans. This fashion staple can be paired with anything to create a fantastic casual look.

Some tips to wearing jeans for casual wear are the following:

  • You can put on threadz jogger jean jeans with adult apparel of body-hugging t-shirt or tank top for a relaxed and cool vibe.
  • Skinny jeans worn with a collared top and sneakers create a casual look appropriate for any setting.
  • Another idea is to pair this look with a pair of boots under flared or boot cut jeans, and you will be ready for whatever comes your way.

2. Wear shorts on a sunny day

Wear cool and breathable clothing on a hot day with a pair of shorts in your favorite style. Choose shorts with a relaxed fit in soft material, such as cotton nylon or denim.

Opt for a silk tank top, sandals, and shorts that fall a few inches above the knee for the perfect feminine look. This look is fantastic for summer days outdoors.

For surfer vibes, go for cargo shorts, a graphic tee, and flip-flops.

3. Wear t-shirts

For the ultimate casual look, t-shirts are unbeatable. A super-soft t-shirt made from cotton is the ultimate in comfort. Moreover, t-shirts are super versatile so that you can exhibit your personal style.

A t-shirt with gems or studs creates glam and flair to your casual vibe.

If you’re feeling snarky, a t-shirt with an ironic or funny saying shows your sense of humor and personality on your off days.

For timeless casual chic, choose a plain white shirt.

4. Do your errands wearing an untucked polo or button-down shirt

Just because you’re off-duty doesn’t mean you won’t be busy. If you don’t want to sacrifice your casual style but want to look presentable, wear a nice shirt but leave it untucked.

For this purpose, a Polo shirt and cargo shorts are recommended for casual lunch dates.

Wear an untucked button-down t-shirt with the sleeves rolled up matched with straight-leg jeans and loafers to look preppy but casual.

5. Wear a long sweater and leggings to look terrific on the weekend

Leggings conform to your body and are stretchy and warm, but they may not be the best fashion for workdays. But you are free to wear them when you are not in the office. Match your leggings with a pair of low sneakers or boots.

Another idea is to wear a long tunic with leggings for an ultra-casual look appropriate for any time of the year.

6. Go for a summery and feminine look with a dress and sandals

A flowy dress made from lightweight cotton or jersey creates the perfect balance between casual and pretty. Wear a sundress, sandals, sunglasses, and bright lipstick and be the cool girl wherever you go.

Another fab idea is to make a spaghetti strap dress look more casual by wearing a t-shirt underneath.

Author: Alison Lurie