Getting to Know More About Colombian Coffee — An Introduction

Coffee. For some people, it might be just a very common, bitter beverage that you can get anywhere, and it supposedly makes you feel more awake. But, it is indeed true that, for enthusiasts, a single cup of coffee represents a lot more than just a drink. It can be the starter of a routine, the necessary asset for a ritual, one of the many things that prepare you for a day of work, filled with responsibilities and expectations.

There’s one reality that enthusiasts understand: There are many ways to prepare coffee, and even the smallest thing can change various aspects of it, from its flavor to its level of sweetness, bitterness, its body, its aroma, and how well it goes with other products, like milk, cream, and sugar.

The Beans Are the Key

But the most important thing that enthusiasts agree can change a lot of the characteristics of the coffee, are the beans that were used for its preparation. The beans can change various features of the drink, and the way they are handled is also very important. 

Having a professional barista prepare your drink does make a huge difference as well since they are often trained and experienced in the art of preparing it. Coffees that are prepared by professionals are often called specialty drinks, since they are prepared in a way that draws the most flavor, and provides the best experience you can get from the beans that were used.

When it comes to beans, there are many exotic variations all around the world, and each one has its own peculiarities. The Kopi Luwak, as shown at, is produced when an Asian palm civet eats and disposes of the beans, and although it might be a little gross for some people, it is actually considered the most expensive bean in the world.

In this article, however, we will mainly talk about a specific type of bean that has gained a lot of popularity, one that is recognized as possibly one of the most tasteful beans you can get… Colombian beans.

But before we get into that, let’s talk about what makes a coffee special, and what are some of the features enthusiasts take into consideration when deciding whether coffee is actually good or not.

What Makes a Coffee Especial

There are many features that enthusiasts pay attention to when they drink their coffees. Some of these features can be a little hard to appreciate for a lot of people, but for those who love this specific drink, it is a little bit easier to understand. These features include things like:

  • The Quality

As said before, specialty coffees are often perceived as the highest quality of drink you can get, and they are often provided by professionals that have polished their skills and gathered a lot of knowledge in the process.

Most professionals use high-quality beans to create these specialty drinks. It can take a lot of time and practice to understand the specific quality of different beans, but it is the best way to get enjoy to them. For beginners, using a specific bean that is considered high-quality can definitely be a good way of learning how to prepare specialty beverages. Overall, it can be a really good addition to an enthusiast’s routine.

  • Leve of Freshness

Something sad that happens to a bean when it is exposed to oxygen, is oxidation, meaning that it starts to lose some of its characteristics, losing flavor and overall freshness. That is why it is always recommended to get beans from local vendors. Professionals and some enthusiasts also get beans when they are in seasons, making it easy to ensure their quality.

  • Roasting Process

This aspect of a coffee brand or specific bean preparation can definitely play a very important role in deciding the final outcome. How long the beans are roasted, and what method is used, decides various aspects of its level of flavor.

  • The Brewing Process

This one decides how strong the coffee will be. There are various standardized ratios and way too many brewing methods, but some examples of the brewing processes that are used include Aeropress, Chemex, and french press. Here’s a little guide for beginners.

This, just like roasting, plays a huge role in the final outcome of preparation, so learning this aspect of making a cup is essential for a preparation that is adequate for you. 

Introduction to Colombian Coffee

There are two main types of beans that are produced all around the world, and they are known as Arabica and Robusta. These two types of beans take part in a very large percentage of coffee consumption, being present in more than 60% of the total world’s production.

Colombia is well known for producing a wide range of these two categories, but there are various reasons why Colombia is so special to enthusiasts, and one of those reasons is the way beans are harvested. since only the suitable and fully riped cherries are actually harvested.

This makes a huge difference in the taste since it ensures that the quality of the products provided to Colombia’s citizens and the rest of the world are top-notch, and ensures the enjoyment you can get from all the different types of Colombian coffee you can get your hands on. 

Generally speaking, professionals consider Colombian brands to be very good choices for most clients since they have a very easy-to-taste coffee that is mild and tasty, and it and can be roasted dark without making it considerably bitter, a good option for espresso drinks.

Colombian coffee is generally affordable, at least inside of the country. However, if you live outside of Colombia, it might get a little bit more expensive. For example, Juan Valdez’s gourmet organic selection, one of the most famous brands of Colombia, can go up to $24 for 20 ounces, and it is described as one of the best brands you can get for a reasonable price.

Ideally speaking, you should try to look into it and learn more about the different options available on the market, and decide which one is the most suitable for your particular case. If you check the last link of this article, I’m sure you’ll get valuable information on this matter.

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