Getting the Family to Help Clean the House

Living with your whole family is fun because you get to spend a lot of time with them especially during weekends and holidays. However, it is sometimes frustrating when you have a house full of people and you’re the only one who keeps it clean with a vacuum cleaner. Whether it’s the parents talking about how to get the kids more involved in cleaning, or spouses talking about the other person who is tidier and not tidy enough, it is really frustrating to get everyone on the same level when it comes to cleaning.

If you’re tired of nagging your kids to clean their rooms, asking your husband to clean out the basement, and basically tired of reminding and pleading everyone in your house to do chores, then here are some of the best ways for you to get the family to help clean the house.

Common Reasons Why They Can’t Help with Cleaning the House

Before we give you tips on how to get your whole family to help you clean the house, let’s take a look at the common reasons first on why they are not helping out as they should. Here are some of them.

“We can’t do it your way”

If you’re always complaining to your kids and husband that they are doing the cleaning wrong, then you are probably taking away their enthusiasm to help you. It’s because being criticized can send them the wrong message. Remember that what matters most is they are getting the job done even if it’s not in the exact way you do.

“I don’t know how to do it”

This one is a common reason we hear from kids when it comes to doing house chores like cleaning the house. That’s why it’s important to work with them first for a few times for them to know how to do the tasks.

“I’m too busy to clean the house”

Well, a lot of us are really overscheduled sometimes however, your kids might not be as busy as you are especially when you still have the time to clean the house. Maybe it’s time for everyone to reprioritize schedules to make sure your home will stay clean.

Tips to Get Your Whole Family to Clean the House

If you still keep on hearing the common reasons why your family cannot help with cleaning the house, then it’s time for you to take action. Here are some of the best ways to get your family to clean the house and to not hear any more excuses why they can’t help.

1. Have a Conversation with Your Whole Family

The very first step that you have to take to get your whole family to help in cleaning your house is to have a conversation with them. Make sure to let everyone know that you mean business. Just keep the mood light but let them know that you need and expect more help from in cleaning the house.

2. a List of Cleaning Tasks and Assign It to Each Family Member

Making a list of tasks and assigning them to each family member will ensure you that everything that needs to be cleaned will be handled. It’s also important to ask them what among the tasks they prefer to do because there’s no sense in assigning someone a cleaning task that will only make their blood boil. You can ask them for example, who wants to do the vacuuming, sweeping the floors, cleaning the toilet, and more.

3. Set Aside a Housekeeping Time

It’s also a great idea to set aside a housekeeping time. For example, every 6:30 to 7:00 each night, the kids need to clean their rooms and put away their things while your spouse does the dishes and clean the kitchen. While they are doing these tasks, you can vacuum and tidy up your living areas. Then you can all just save the bigger cleaning tasks for the weekends. You can also make it fun by setting a timer and make a race out of it. This can lessen the resentment and make cleaning a great activity as well.

4. Tweak Your Routine

For you to be able to find a cleaning routine that really works, you can try and change your family’s routine every once in a while. Taking over different tasks will enable you to find out which tasks some of you find difficult and which are easier for who. This way, you will be able to come up with an effective cleaning routine that really works. This can make you all much happier and productive.

5. Stop Playing Pick-Up

Another thing that might be keeping your family members lazy is you always cleaning up after them. Well, if you’re the type of person who goes behind your kids to pick up the trail of their mess, you need to stop doing it if you want them to help you clean. When you continue to always clean after them, they will remain lazy.

6. Stop Cleaning Their Rooms

If your kids are already grown-ups or in their teenage years, you need to stop making their beds. If they are old enough to clean their own rooms, by all means, let them. This way, they will be able to learn how to keep their own rooms spotless and organized even when you don’t tell them to do so. Let cleaning their own rooms become their regular habits.

7. Take a Day Off from Doing Housework

If you’re the one who’s always doing the cleaning at home, you can also motivate your family to help out with the household chores by taking a day or two off from doing any housework. When your daughter’s favorite jeans are still in the hamper and your husband cannot find the papers he needs for work, they will probably get the message that they also need to help clean the house. When you take a day off from doing house chores, they will begin to realize and appreciate the work you do for them every day. And they might also learn to be responsible for their own belongings and living space.

8. Show Your Family That Cleaning the House is Also Fun

Another way to motivate them to help you clean the house is to show them that it is also a fun activity. You can turn on some music while you clean or maybe create games that everyone will enjoy such as treasure hunt, or who can clean their room the fastest. Those who will win will get incentives like a family outing, an extended bedtime, or an increase in allowance.

9. Explain to Your Family that Doing Chores is a Teamwork

If you want your family to support you with daily household chores, ask them directly! Doing all the household chores by yourself might be frustrating, but your family may not be aware of the fact that you would like them to help or they may not know how. Start a dialogue in which you ask for assistance and specify the particular tasks for which you need assistance. When you are having this conversation, avoid being accusatory. They might become defensive as a result and be less willing to offer you the support you need. Keep your voice friendly and calm.

10. Offer Your Children Incentives for Doing Household Chores

Don’t use cleaning as a form of punishment. Many parents assign duties to their children when they are grounded. That is not helpful at all since it may encourage your children to associate cleaning with something extremely unpleasant. Instead, consider rewarding them for doing their jobs to encourage them to assist you in daily chores.

They could receive a unique gift, such as a new toy, or you could let them choose the movie genre for a family movie night out. If the children are older, you might let them stay up later if they finish all of their responsibilities in a month. You can also ask your spouse for help, and in return, you both could cook a special dinner together.

11. Make a chart as a Reminder for Family Members

Make it eye-catching so that your family would look at it and get reminded of their duties. Write a list of the names of the family members and a list of activities that need to be done on a whiteboard, a blackboard, or a large piece of paper. Consider using various colors for each person’s name so they can quickly identify the task you want them to perform. If you’ve got young children, consider using amusing stickers to mark their chores. 

12. Start Demonstrating your Family!

Provide an example of how you expect the task to be completed. You probably prefer certain things in a particular way. That is absolutely acceptable, but don’t anticipate your family to follow your instructions precisely. Spend some time performing the task alongside them so they can comprehend your intentions. Show enthusiasm and an optimistic attitude for completing a task that will make the house look lovely!

Wrapping Up!

Cleaning the house is a daunting task for an individual, but if the whole family will be motivated to help, then it will be a very easy task for everyone. When you get your family motivated to help clean the house, thank them for their help and remind them that it is not just a one-time event but an ongoing process and a family affair as well. We hope the tips we shared will be able to help you in motivating your whole family to clean the house.