Getting a Move On: 10 Tips for Moving With Kids

Are you trying to figure out how to make your move easier on your kids? Read this article to learn about moving with kids.

How do you minimize the stress of moving with children? Moving day can be difficult and frustrating, especially if you have young ones.

Your move can also be successful if you know how to handle your tasks efficiently. Check out these tips if you’re moving with kids.

1. When You’re Moving With Kids You Should Tell Them

The most important step when you’re moving with your kids is to tell them. Your kids should know they will be moving to a new house and leaving their friends behind. You might also have to enroll them at a new school.

Due to such drastic changes in your kids’ lives, you should make certain you let them know they will have to move. Telling your kids this information makes it easier for them to prepare for moving day. 

Some kids might feel depressed about leaving their home and neighborhood behind. Consider the age of your kids and determine how many details you should share with them.

You need to tell your kids they’re moving in a way that’s exciting and to make them feel more comfortable. You can learn more about home moving and how you can manage the process.

2. Create a Task List for Your Kids

When you’re busy packing stuff in boxes, you can get help from your kids. If they show any interest in moving, you can get them involved with the packing process.

You can create a to-do list for them to manage their own tasks. Assign them with easy jobs they will enjoy.

Some of these tasks may include putting their toys and books in packing boxes. They can also help you to clean and declutter their rooms. 

Moving is tough for kids, so you should make certain you support them and fill them with positivity. 

3. Plan Your Moving Day Ahead of Time

It is normal to feel helpless or overwhelmed when you’re moving. The last thing you want to experience is to forget the day to move. You might also forget to pack certain items.

Remember to mark the date on a calendar to avoid the nightmare of forgetting your moving day. Once you select a date, you should stick to it.

Try to start your packing way ahead of your schedule. It is also beneficial to let your kids know what day they should start packing.

Careful planning for your moving day prevents chaos and confusion.

4. Spend Quality Time With Your Kids

During your moving process, you can schedule quality time with your family. Think about the fun activities your kids enjoy and make arrangements to spend time together. 

You might plan to take your kids to the movies, drive them to the park, or engage them in exciting projects. Come up with fun activities to keep their minds occupied and less stressed about moving.

5. Stick to Your Family Routines

You don’t have to abandon your family routines just because you’re moving. You and your kids can still practice your family traditions.

These traditions may include cooking fun meals for certain occasions, watching entertaining shows on TV, or playing video games. Sticking to your family routines can alleviate the mental anguish your kids could be feeling about moving to a new home.

6. Decorate Your Kids’ Moving Boxes

To make moving a fun event, you can decorate the moving boxes after your kids pack them. You can decorate their boxes with different types of color crayons or markers.

Your kids can also label the boxes with colors they love. Decorating the boxes with certain colors also helps to keep them organized for your kids.

7. Encourage Them to Sing While They’re Packing

Think about the fun songs your kids love to sing. Encourage them to sing happy songs while they’re packing their stuff. You can also sing one of the many songs from parent to child as you help them pack.

Singing while they’re working makes the process easier for them to manage. You can even invent silly songs that your kids will enjoy. These songs help to maintain their good mood and make them eager to pack.

8. Take Family Photos

Don’t forget to take photos of your kids at their old house or photos of them in their bedrooms. It’s also a fun idea for you to take photos of your belongings before you pack them and move.

Taking pictures of different items is a fun job that your kids will be happy to do.

9. Keep Your Kids Entertained With Fun Music

When your kids are on the road, they will eventually get bored and restless. If you’re traveling a long distance to your new home, you need to entertain your kids with fun music. 

Create a list of their favorite songs and make sure you pack these in your vehicle. 

10. Remember to Bring Along Board Games

Fun board games can help your kids pass the time when they’re traveling to their new location. Board games are exciting, they help kids to focus, and they make it easier for your kids to interact with each other.

Bring along different board games that are easy to play and suitable for the age of your kids.

Ready to Begin Your Move?

Keep these tips in mind to make moving with kids a smooth and comfortable process. You may find that transporting your items to your dream house won’t be such an overwhelming and frustrating experience.

From packing to hauling, and driving to your new location, you will have the confidence that you can do it all in one peace.

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