Get started with the smart home: What gadgets do you need?

In recent years, the concept of “smart home” has become increasingly popular, which is entirely justified. A smart home is a name for any accommodation (but mostly for a residential one), which is equipped with remote control technology of all household systems. Individual elements of the house, such as doors, windows, lighting devices, multimedia, household robots, alarms and all the rest of it, are automated and connected to a common system, the parts of which are programmed to work autonomously and in conjunction with each other.

Such a network of hi-tech devices allows you to achieve maximum simplicity, convenience, and security of housing. Nowadays the market offers us a vast variety of different gadgets for the smart home, but in this article, we would like to consider the most basic components which lay the foundation of any smart home and the automation of all processes in it.

Get started with the smart home



This is one of the essential and most popular management functions in the “Smart Home” system. Lighting in the room significantly affects the creation of the atmosphere and mood of the tenants – sometimes we want more light and sun, and sometimes we prefer twilight or total darkness. Now the times when we turned all the light in the house on, off, and tuned it by hands are fading.

To light up your smart home’s indoor or outdoor, will find many lighting fixtures available in your local market. Illuminating your indoor, you can choose modern chandeliers or recessed lighting. Wall sconces are also popular nowadays. Outside your home, outdoor flood lights can be the best option. Generally, you will find two types of flood lights. One is solar-powered, and another one is called LED flood lights. These lights are super bright and can cover a big area.

New generation intelligent systems come in place of conventional switches and light bulbs. The very first element in this system is an LED bulb with a built-in motion and light sensor that responds to movement and turns on automatically. In addition to the built-in sensors, you can buy additional ones (not only motion but also infrared ones), which will allow you to build a whole system of pre-stepping tracking.  Be sure to check out Fusion Lighting for great options.

The devices outpace your movement and turn on the lighting in advance, then they automatically turn off the light where it is no longer needed. By connecting all these devices to the remote control, you will be able to set the schedule of switching, the intensity of the backlight, and also receive notifications about light bulbs that have burned out. Smart home lighting not only creates comfort but also significantly saves your electricity.

Smart Air Conditioning Control System

Temperature is a very important element of a comfortable house. Stuffy air provokes headaches and sleeplessness, while cold and constant drafts can cause flu. Such an inexpensive device as an air conditioner, which is usually manually regulated, can easily become a part of a smart home.

The Smart AC control system includes one or more air conditioners and a special command and control center. All these separate parts are connected and begin to exchange information for coordinated work. You can use the program of your smartphone or install a thermostat in the house. Both control options allow you to choose the desired air temperature and humidity level. The user may vary tuning depending on the time of day (at night the temperature will drop slightly below the daytime for a more comfortable sleep) or the temperature outside. To do this, you need to install an outdoor temperature sensor and connect it to a common system, the program will change the indicators inside the house. The system can maintain different levels of temperature in different rooms, actively ventilate the house, or save energy during your absence.  Also be sure to check out Air Pros in Boca Raton for expert help!

Smart Outlets

Forgotten electric devices are one of the main reasons for fires. Of course, we get so used to useful irons, coffee machines, hair dryers, etc. that can`t imagine our life without them any longer. And here comes a question – if life without them is impossible, how to protect ourselves and our houses? A smart outlet or plug is the thing that can prevent great problems.

There are two types of outlets – the first one is a kind of adapter that doesn`t need mounting and can be plugged, unplugged, or moved, the second type should be installed into the wall instead of an ordinary outlet and wired into the system of electrical supply. Plugs control the operation of electrical appliances and household devices through the Wi-Fi connection, smartphone apps or even smart speaker assistant.

At any time, you can check whether the desired device is turned on or off, reload the equipment, set the timer and mode of operation, and receive a notification of power outage, breakdown, and energy consumption. In combination with other Smart Home systems, they adapt to your lifestyle and habits, for example, turn on an electric kettle right before your waking.

Fire Alarm Detectors

The task of a smart home is to ensure not only comfort but also the safety of residents. If you decide to equip your home with a smart technology for families system, first of all, you should start with the installation of smoke, carbon dioxide, and household gas leak detectors. All these devices are very easy in usage: as a rule, they fix them under the ceiling and adjust the sensitivity to avoid false alarms. The sensors themselves usually work on batteries and do not require additional maintenance. Fire alarm system reports the source of ignition in the house and provides an opportunity for the immediate communication of the device with the patrol service, after which the experts come to the scene to eliminate the critical situation. The fire brigade receives a message at the same moment as the device has detected the problem.

In addition to the signal to the patrol services, the system notifies family members or neighbors, so that when danger is discovered, they manage to take advantage of the possibility of evacuation. This function provides safety in case of fire when people`s life and health depend on the speed of movement. Fire detectors can become part of a single complex that includes other building security systems. Such cooperation increases the level of protection. You should only program the devices to work in conjunction with ventilation, water supply, and some other systems.

Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Don`t waste your time on sweeping and vacuuming. Smart home will do everything for you with the help of a robot vacuum cleaner. Such a relatively inexpensive and hi-tech smart tip will help you and your relatives to avoid housecleaning forever. Robot cleaner works autonomously, it moves around the house detecting and absorbing dirt and other debris from any flooring. Wi-Fi connection, smartphone apps, and voice control give you a possibility to run it remotely even when you`re out.

Nowadays there are a huge variety of models with different control systems, brush sets, runtime, and suction power. To avoid confusing and find out which model is perfect for your house, you can read comparisons and descriptions of various robots in the following blogs…

When we hear the phrase “smart home“, our imagination draws us home from a movie about a distant future, where people live on other planets and can teleport. But in reality, everything turns out to be completely different. Smart home has already become a part of our routine lives. And you need only a few sensors and small devices to give your home the intelligence.

The gadgets listed above will help you start creating your own smart system without the millions of costs and expensive specialist services. As they say, you need only to start.