Garage Doors: The Common Problems You are Likely to Encounter

Garage doors are great additions to residential and commercial properties. Aside from adding to the beauty of the property, it also contributes to the value of the property thus making it more marketable. Garage doors generally lead simple lives, opening and closing on-demand, until they don’t.

Like every other installation, garage doors are not immune to faults and damages which may be caused by a number of reasons including lack of proper maintenance, age of the garage door and others. While garage doors can exhibit a number of different problems, there are some that are most common.

Below are Some of the Common Problems You may Encounter With your Garage Door.

– Noisy Garage Door

A new garage door performs the job of opening and closing with ease and with almost no noise. However, over time, and due to the frequency of use, you may begin to notice some strange noise when the garage door is in operation. Noisy garage doors can be caused by a number of problems. In most cases, this may be due to friction, a problem with hinges, wearing out of the rollers on the metal track and others. It is recommended that you call on a professional garage door repair service expert like Veteran Garage Door Repair to take a look at the problem as soon as it’s been noticed.

– Frozen Garage Doors

This is a common problem that arises during cold winter days. In some cases, you may find it hard opening your garage door on some of the coldest winter days and this may be due to the temperature and snow buildup. On such days as this, it is recommended that you should resist the urge to keep banging on the garage door opener as this may further complicate matters, causing extended damage to the garage door. Instead, it is recommended that you seek out other ways to break the frozen connection between the garage door and the floor.

– Broken Glass

From time to time, garage doors may experience accidental impacts which may lead to broken glass. Accidental impacts may be due to playful activities, especially because the garage serves as a recreational area for most people. Whatever may have been the cause of the broken glass, the first line of action should be to ensure that the shard of glass can’t hurt anyone. Broken glass is both a security and a safety issue. Therefore, you should take prompt steps to call on experienced garage door repair Lake County,IL specialists to handle the repairs.

– Safety Issues

There are a few safety issues that you should watch out for, especially for people who have a overhead door installed in their garage. The garage door weighs hundreds of pounds and in some cases, the integrity of the rollers may become questionable, especially when the garage door hasn’t been serviced in a while. It is recommended that you pay attention to the speed at which the garage door comes down upon closing as a garage door that seems to run a little faster due to gravity poses a great safety issue for you, your family and properties.

When you notice your garage door seems to be running a little faster than normal when closing, it is recommended that you reach out to experts like Veteran Garage Door Repair to take a look.

– Faulty Garage Door Opener

Another common problem you may encounter over time using a garage door is a faulty garage door opener. While most people rely on automatic openers, in some cases, your garage door may disappoint you as the opener may decide to take a break. Whenever this happens, it’s sure to be to your detriment and requires prompt action of experts to diagnose the problem and fix it as appropriate.  You also don’t want to forget researching quality garage doors like those from as an example.

– Worn out Springs

The garage door operates on a counterbalance mechanism between the extension or torsion springs connected to the cables and pulleys. The mechanism allows the springs to provide a counterforce that regulates the weight of the door so that it closes and opens at a certain speed. However, when there is a problem with this counterbalance due to wearing out of the springs, the garage door becomes more of a safety risk.

This problem can, however, be solved by replacing the garage door spring, a fix that requires the expertise of trained garage door repairmen.

Basic Maintenance and Quick Fixes

While garage doors can exhibit varying degrees of issues, there are some maintenance practices and quick fixes that could save the day. Below are some of the things you should know.

– Inspect the Rollers and Tracks

The rollers and tracks are important parts of the garage door. If it has been a while since you last examined these parts, it is best to do so as soon as possible. Also, it is recommended that you clean and lubricate the rollers to reduce friction. The tracks should also be brushed.

– Tighten Loose Parts

Due to constant use, some hardware may come loose. Through proper inspection, you may be able to detect these loose parts early. Be sure to tighten these parts to ensure the smooth operation of the garage door.

– Check Cables and Pulleys

For spring-operated garage doors, there are cables and pulleys designed to counterbalance the weight of the garage door. Be sure to periodically inspect these areas to detect faults early.