Game Ideas to Keep the Everyone Entertained During a Baby Shower

Baby showers are a wonderful occasion to mark the impending birth of a new child. Although the expectant mother and her unborn child are the party’s main attractions, keeping all the other attendees entertained and involved is crucial. Including entertaining games and activities in the celebrations is one way to achieve this. Games serve as an icebreaker and entertainment while also bringing people together. It can be challenging to develop game ideas for a baby shower that would keep everyone entertained. In this post, we’ll look at some imaginative game suggestions to make your baby shower special for everyone.

Diaper Changing Relay Race

Teams of players compete in the Diaper Changing Relay Race at baby showers, changing a baby’s diaper as soon as possible. Teams consist of two or more players, and the game is often played with a baby doll and some diapers.

The first person on each team takes the baby doll and the diaper to start the game, and they then race to change the diaper as rapidly as they can. The player must pass the baby doll and the changed diaper to the following team member, who must then repeat the process. The game resumes until every player on each team has had a chance to change the diaper.

The winning team is the one that completes the diaper-changing relay race the quickest.

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Guess the Baby Food

In the game “Guess the Baby Food,” players are given a range of pureed baby foods and must taste each one to determine its flavor. The one with the most correct answers is the winner of this game.

This game is a favorite for baby showers since it’s entertaining, participatory, and doesn’t need much setup or equipment. Also, it gives visitors a chance to reflect on their past interactions with baby food and can be a fantastic conversation starter.

“Guess the Baby Food” can be altered to suit various themes or preferences. Use homemade or organic baby food instead of store-bought options, for instance, or add a competitive element by giving participants limited time to sample and guess each dish.


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Baby Bingo

The “Baby Bingo” game is also a favorite at baby showers. The game is played similarly to traditional bingo. However, the bingo card’s squares contain baby-related things such as diapers, bottles, pacifiers, and rattles rather than numbers.

Each player is given a bingo card containing various baby-related items before the game starts. Players check out each item on their cards as the host randomly names things. Bingo is called “Bingo,” and the person who has finished a row or a column first wins.

Playing the entertaining and engaging baby bingo game keeps everyone entertained during a baby shower. It gives visitors social interaction and brings friendly competition to the gathering. The game may be altered to meet the baby shower’s theme and is simple to set up. It’s a fantastic method for expecting mothers to win useful baby things like diapers or baby bottles.


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My Water Broke

A well-liked and enjoyable game to play at a baby shower is My Water Broke. It’s a simple game that everyone can play with little setup or equipment needed. The focus of the game is on frozen objects that are concealed inside ice cubes. Baby rattles, plastic baby booties, and other small plastic toys you may get in craft stores can all be considered among these trinkets.

The guests aim to melt the ice and release the prize by playing the game. Each visitor receives a plastic cup and an ice cube with a small gift inside. Next, using any methods necessary, the guests must endeavor to melt the ice as rapidly as possible. They can do this by blowing on the ice cube, holding it in their hands, or setting it down on a warm surface.

After melting the ice and releasing the treasure or baby toy inside, the guest must exclaim, “My Water Broke!”. The first player to do this wins. This activity is fantastic for breaking the ice and getting everyone involved while keeping everyone entertained during a baby shower.


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The Price is Right

This game has been adapted into a well-liked baby shower game where guests are asked to estimate the costs of various baby products. In addition to providing everyone with a fun and engaging exercise, the game is made to test visitors’ knowledge regarding baby items.

To play, the baby shower host should list various baby products and their retail costs. Anything from diapers and wipes to strollers and car seats can be considered one of these goods. Then, a sheet of paper and a pen are provided to the players, who are instructed to record their best guess as to the suggested retail price for each item on the list.

The host will reveal the true pricing of each item after everyone has made their estimates, and the player with the closest overall guess—without exceeding the actual total price—wins the game. In addition to giving a fun way to learn about the expense of having a child, this game is a terrific way to keep everyone entertained and involved during a baby shower.

Benefits of Baby Shower Games

Games for baby showers include several benefits that can improve the event’s overall atmosphere. Guests can make new acquaintances through these games and connect over common motherhood-related experiences. Also, they keep attendees amused and avoid boredom, especially for those who may not have initially enjoyed the event. 

Games can break up the party’s monotony and give the expectant woman a much-needed diversion. Finally, these activities can enhance the party’s memory by affecting the attendees and fostering a sense of community that they will remember fondly. As a result, organizing baby shower activities can be a great way to make the event entertaining and exciting.


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In conclusion, baby showers are happy celebrations of the birth of a new kid, and adding games and activities can make the occasion even more special. The games in this post provide a selection of possibilities that are simple to set up, entertaining, and adaptable to fit various themes and preferences. Games at baby showers not only keep visitors entertained but also establish relationships and a sense of community.