Fun Ideas to Keep Wedding Party Guests Entertained

Weddings are joyous, romantic, and celebratory events. On the other hand, long ceremonies and reception feasts can easily drudge and irritate guests. You must provide fun and engaging games to keep your wedding party guests engaged and having fun at the reception. Several innovative concepts include fun wedding games, DIY drink bars, and photo booths. In this post, we’ll examine some of the most creative and enjoyable ways to ensure your wedding guests have a nice time and leave with wonderful memories.

1. Photo Booth

Set up a photo booth with amusing props and costumes to encourage attendees to take pictures. A distinctive backdrop that complements your wedding’s theme might also be included. A photo booth can create an interesting and entertaining atmosphere for guests. In particular, it can be helpful for guests who need to learn each other better because it offers an interactive and exciting activity that encourages people to interact. It’s an excellent approach to spice up the wedding with more excitement and creativity. Guests are invited to express their creativity and have fun while shooting pictures using a variety of props and costumes, creating one-of-a-kind and treasured moments that they will remember for years to come.

Wedding photo booth

2. Outdoor Games

Consider renting outdoor games like giant Jenga, cornhole, or croquet for entertainment. These events are ideal for outdoor weddings since they can be enjoyed by guests of all ages. They not only keep guests engaged, but they can also help attendees form bonds. Giant Jenga includes stacking blocks to create a tower-like structure, which players then attempt to topple by removing one block at a time. Similarly, guests of all ages can participate in the game of cornhole, which entails tossing bean bags through a hole in a board. Croquet is another well-liked outdoor game requiring players of all ages to use mallets to strike balls through hoops.

3. Mad Libs

The wedding party attendees will have a blast playing Mad Libs, and you’ll have some wonderful stories to look back on. You can either design paper Mad Libs cards for attendees or digital Mad Libs for guests to fill out on their smartphones or tablets. If you go for the digital format, consider employing a tool to gather replies, such as Google Forms or SurveyMonkey. Consider themes like love, marriage, or family appropriate for your wedding. You can also pick humorous or playful themes, like food or animals. Gather the completed Mad Libs cards or digital comments after the wedding celebration. You can retain them as a humorous memento of your big day or read them to your spouse and loved ones.


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4. Dance-Off Competitions

You may keep your wedding party guests entertained and involved by holding a dance-off competition. Anybody can participate, regardless of age or ability level; it’s an enjoyable exercise. Make sure there is enough room for everyone to dance comfortably before hosting. Decide on a specific part of the venue for dancing or rent a dance floor. Depending on the number of attendees, you can make categories like couples, individuals, or groups. This will simplify managing the competition and guarantee that everyone has an opportunity to participate. Invite guests to applaud and show support for their favorite performances. As a result, everyone will feel that they are participating in the tournament in a joyful and festive environment.

5. Caricature Artist

Want to give your wedding celebration a special and memorable touch? Consider hiring a caricaturist to make amusing and unique caricatures of your guests. Since the artist depicts each guest’s characteristics and personality in their caricatures, this amusing and engaging notion will likely foster a happy and laid-back atmosphere. Also, it’s a fun and original way to show off the personalities of your bridal party. Your guests will value the unique and considerate action, representing your character and sense of style. Don’t pass up the opportunity to make a memorable impression on your wedding day with this entertaining and original concept!


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6. DIY Cocktail Bar

A DIY cocktail bar is a magnificent idea to keep wedding guests entertained and interested. The bar should be set up with a range of ingredients and garnishes, and a bartender should be available to help guests make their own specialty drinks. Guests can personalize their drinks as part of an interactive experience depending on their tastes, which promotes creativity and interaction among friends and family. The enjoyable and original activity is guaranteed to be popular, especially with those hoping to make small talk and start the party. Also, a DIY cocktail bar adds a fun element as attendees sample the different beverages made by others and watch the bartender prepare drinks in demos.

Since it enables guests to make distinctive cocktails and have some hands-on fun, this activity is ideal for modern culture and trends. Also, since guests can make drinks at their convenience and engage with other guests, it’s a terrific method to accommodate households where both parents work. Additionally, the station can have a sign that reads “Cheers to Working Parents” to acknowledge the changing household dynamics and celebrate the hard work of both parents. Here is more information on the growth of two-parent working families in the US.

Hand making red cocktail at the open-air wedding party

7. Wedding Games

The ice can be broken, and guests can start mingling and conversing by playing wedding games. It’s the ideal setting for guests who may not already know one another to socialize and get to know one another. Games add fun to the celebration because weddings may be rather formal and somber. It can be a superb approach to lighten the atmosphere and provide guests somewhere to feel more at ease. There are many exciting games, both indoor and outdoor, for the guests to participate in at the event. You can find several wedding games in the infographic below.


8. Dessert Bar 

For the guests’ enjoyment, set up a dessert bar with a choice of sweets. Cupcakes, pastries, candies, and even a chocolate fountain can be part of this. There is something for everyone at a dessert bar: Many nutritional needs and tastes can be met by a dessert bar. Including gluten-free or vegan options, for instance, will ensure that all visitors may indulge in the sweets. Also, guests can select the delicacies they want, personalizing the experience. A thoughtful approach to express your gratitude to your guests for attending your special day is by providing a dessert bar. The thoughtfulness will be remembered by your wedding party’s guests for years to come.

Delicious dessert bar for wedding

In general, using entertaining ideas in your wedding reception is a great approach to make sure that your guests have a good time. You can create an atmosphere of love, pleasure, and celebration that everyone will remember by keeping your guests entertained and involved. These suggestions will help make your wedding party an occasion to remember for all the right reasons, whether it’s a special photo booth or lawn activities. Hence, take into account these entertaining suggestions to add some excitement and make your wedding day a memorable one for everyone.